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Climate Justice

Climate Justice

We want the world to be fair, clean and green. Civil society organisations across the UK are taking action to reduce inequalities and tackle the climate emergency.

Most people in the UK care about climate change. Yet the rising cost of living is also putting pressure on everyday lives. At Citizens UK, we work with people who are already being affected by issues of climate change.

Local people tell us about public transport which is not fit for purpose; young people cannot afford fares and people are late for work due to unreliability. Neighbourhoods are forced to breathe toxic air from busy roads because there is no reasonable alternative to car use. Families want to enjoy spending time outside but their local park is neglected and unclean. Energy prices are soaring whilst people live in poorly insulated homes which are damp and leak heat.

Across the country, civil society organisations are working together to find green solutions to people’s daily problems.

National priority areas include:

Homes where heating doesn’t cost the earth.

An end to damp, mouldy homes that bring illness and debt and waste energy.

Transport for our times.

Reliable, timely, affordable and clean public transport. Providing a sustainable and attractive alternative to car use.

Thriving green spaces.

Clean, safe and welcoming parks and public spaces to improve mental and physical health, enhance nature and strengthen communities.

MaiaJ headshot

What keeps me awake at night is that young people are having our futures stolen by decision-makers who talk about the climate crisis like it's something way off into the future - as if the destruction of our only home is a distant inconvenience. But we have seen how the climate crisis is right on our doorstep. Someone I know who lives in Jersey posted photo after photo of collapsed houses and destroyed cars - the aftermath of the tornado. The only thing she could do was stay indoors and hope her home wouldn't be next. And what fills me with hope is US because WE are taking this opportunity to make change. Maia, West London Zone

CLA launch_new leaders_small.jpg

Climate Leadership Academy

Young people are coming together to learn how to make effective change on the climate issues which matter to them and their communities.

Through our Climate Leadership Academy we are developing a diverse network of leaders influencing climate policy locally and nationally.

Simon Bloomsbury Climate Justice Action

Just Transition to an Equal, Clean and Green London

Our planet faces major threats, and at London Citizens, we feel responsible because we see the impact the climate crisis is having on our city and across the world right now. We want to see 100,000 fuel poor homes improved and 60,000 good, green jobs created across the capital.

Leeds Citizens LWSC Tea Party Action 2022

Local Wins for Leeds

The Community Team at Leeds Citizens are active in campaigning for greener communities. They work with local residents, children, schools, community festival groups and faith groups and have already succeeded in securing £50,000 of funding for play equipment, trees and shrubs in an underused and neglected local park. They won a commitment to re-route a local bus through an estate to make it more accessible for parents and children at a school and for community groups. The participation of the local people in this action also successfully supported the greening of streets in the same area. They turn their attention next to making footpaths more safe and reliable for active travel to work and school, reducing reliance on cars.

Tyne and Wear Local Park action

Green, fair and healthy in Tyne and Wear

Tyne and Wear Citizens want to make our planet green, fair and healthy. The community chose not to accept the way things were, to work together and to hold those in office accountable. Even in the Covid pandemic local leaders worked together to transform a local park to make it an enjoyable place for the whole community to use.

Leader signing a letter to Deputy Mayor for environment and energy

Drop us an email to find out more about climate organising in your area and how you can get involved.