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Nottingham Citizens is a non-partisan alliance of 37 civil society institutions comprised of trade unions, faith groups, charities, schools and universities, all working together to make Nottingham a better place to live.

We organise communities to act together for social justice and the common good, developing the leadership capacity of our members so they can hold our cities' decision-makers to account on the issues that matter to them.

At present, Nottingham Citizens is tackling mental health, issues affecting young people and fair work and wages.

If your institution is not yet in membership, we'd love to have a conversation with you. Involvement in a Citizens UK alliance is one of the best ways for you and your organisation to make a tangible difference in the city, whilst at the same time developing the leadership skills and capacity of your membership. To arrange a sit down with one of our organisers, contact: pete.rogers@nottinghamcitizens.org

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April 2019 Nottingham Citizens Newsletter

Our Accountability Assembly that we were planning to hold on Thursday 25 April will now take place instead on Wednesday 26 June at Trent Vineyard. The Nottingham Citizens leadership group felt it was prudent to postpone the event until after the Nottingham City Council election when the Councillors who will form the Council’s new political leadership team will be known.

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The benefits of membership in the words of Nottingham Citizens institutions

Leaders from Nottingham Citizens' broad-based alliance of community groups rooted in civic society locally explain how their organisations have benefited from becoming dues-paying members of Nottingham Citizens, a community organising Chapter of Citizens UK.



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Watch our Nottingham Citizens video

Find out how our community organising alliance in Nottingham comes together to act for justice and the common good, winning change and developing community leaders in the process.

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Our December 2018 newsletter

Our final newsletter of the year includes news of a visit to Parliament by students from Djanogly City Academy to press home how hate crime affects the lives of young people in Nottingham, plus we welcome new member organisations to our alliance and schedule the first of our action group meetings in 2019 that will progress our campaign priorities for the months ahead.

Read the Nottingham Citizens December 2018 newsletter now.

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Nottingham Citizens win 'Upstanding Organisation' Award at 2018 No2H8 Crime Awards

Nottingham Citizens have been recognised at yesterday's No2H8 Crime Awards, a national award ceremony that aims to celebrate those contribute toward the cohesion of different communities the UK by tackling hatred and prejudice.


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Our June 2018 newsletter

Our latest newsletter includes a reminder of how you can personally make a positive difference to some of our current campaign priorities - including how you can sign up and get sponsored for our fund-raising summer bike ride in Nottingham on Sunday 29 July - and recognises the contribution of Bilal Hussain, one of our organisers who is moving to pastures new.

Read the Nottingham Citizens June 2018 newsletter now.

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Our 10 May accountability assembly

What sort of Nottingham do we want to create? That was the question on the lips of hundreds of people passionate about Nottingham's future as they gathered with community and civic leaders at the city's Albert Hall for an assembly to propose action to help improve the lives, security and prosperity of citizens and celebrate the achievements of the Nottingham Citizens alliance and its partners so far.

Read the assembly programme to find out more about the commitments we were seeking from local authority leaders and other decision-makers on the night.

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Nottingham Citizens Hate crime study reveals surge in verbal and physical harassment

One of the largest studies ever conducted into hate crime has found more than a third of people in Nottingham surveyed have experienced hate crime (35%), an increase of 6% since the last citizen survey ‘No Place for Hate’ in 2013/14, with the majority happening in the city centre and public spaces.

As part of the report for Nottingham Citizens, part of community organising charity Citizens UK, the experiences of over 4,170 people in the city were collected, including frequency, causes and locations of hate crimes, building on five years of work to tackle hate crime in the city. The first part of the survey, published today, represents the experiences of 1202 people responding to a city survey. A second report on the experiences of 2968 school and college children is due to be published over the summer.

Most respondents in the city survey had not reported the crime to the police (79%). Of those who did, 58% were satisfied with the police response and 42% dissatisfied.

Read the report.

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Our February 2018 newsletter

This month's newsletter includes the latest on the arrangements for our accountability assembly at the Albert Hall on 10 May and updates on our current streams of work.

Read the Nottingham Citizens February 2018 newsletter now.

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10 May is accountability day

Preparations are under way for a spring assembly at which Nottingham Citizens will seek pledges of support from politicians and other decision-makers for a series of measures to ensure fairness and justice for some of the city's most vulnerable people.

The Nottingham Citizens annual accountability assembly will take place at the Albert Hall on Thursday 10 May from 6pm.

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