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Nottingham Citizens is a non-partisan alliance of over 30 civil society institutions comprised of faith groups, charities, trade unions, schools and universities, all working together to make Nottingham a better place to live.

We organise communities to act together for social justice and the common good, developing the leadership capacity of our members so they can hold our cities' decision-makers to account on the issues that matter to them.

We are currently taking action on racial injustice, mental health and fair work and wages.

If your institution is not yet in membership, we'd love to have a conversation with you. Involvement in a Citizens UK alliance is one of the best ways for you and your organisation to make a tangible difference in the city, while developing the leadership skills and capacity of your membership.

To arrange a sit down with one of our organisers, contact: pete.rogers@nottinghamcitizens.org

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What's been happening in Nottingham Citizens - July 2020 update

Nottingham Citizens are still united in the pandemic and tackling injustices in their community. (Leaders from Radford Academy are pictured here pre-Covid.)

Despite the overwhelming challenges of the pandemic, we’ve seen communities up and down the country uniting to take action on the issues that matter to them most.

And this is exactly what our leaders in Nottingham Citizens have been doing.

From campaigning for a real Living Wage for care workers, to taking local action against racism, you can read updates below about the amazing work of our leaders and how you can get involved.

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Still No Place for Hate: George Floyd

The dreadful video showing the killing of an unarmed black man George Floyd whilst in police custody in Minnesota, USA  has caused widespread revulsion and reaction around the world. 

As the New York Mayor said, 'he was simply killed because he was black'. Sadly this is just not an isolated incident but the result of decades of structural racism.  This awful act of brutality strengthens our resolve that the scourge of racism and hatred cannot be tolerated or ignored by any of us in our society. 

We stand with the family of George Floyd, and in solidarity with all those who are peacefully protesting against all forms of racism and hate crime in our society. Individually and together, we commit to continue to work for justice and systemic change.

Nottingham Citizens has sought to address racism and hate crime through the Love Not Hate campaign.  Our Still No Place for Hate report makes a number of recommendations to address the inequalities affecting our communities.

Remember, there is Still No Place for Hate. Stay safe.

On behalf of the Nottingham Citizens leadership group,

Clive Foster 

Senior Minister Pilgrim Church


For more information contact pete.rogers@nottinghamcitizens.org 

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Covid-19, Campaigns and More

Nottingham Citizens provide a bumper edition of updates including a statement from our leadership team in response to COVID-19, sign-posting of local support and resources, training info, plus important updates on campaigns both local and national. 

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Nottingham Citizens Online Training Sessions

No meet-ups?! No problem!

Nottingham Citizens are delivering SIX online training sessions in May, equipping Nottingham people to make change on the issues that matter to them.


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