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Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Citizens was started in July 2016, work with a variety of institutions across Greater Manchester including schools, trade union branches, faith institutions and community groups.

We work as a alliance of institutions and community leaders to influence decisions and negotiate changes for the common good. In 2017 we held a 1,000 person assembly to negotiate with the Mayoral candidates on issues ranging from housing and homelessness, social care, hate crime and encouraging more employers to pay a real Living Wage. These are all issues which affect the lives and prospects of people across our communities and together we are working towards them in 2018.

Our Greater Manchester Citizens Organiser is Furqan Naeem. Contact him at furqan.naeem@citizensuk.org


Manchester’s Premier League football clubs urged to tackle poverty and pay the real Living Wage


Manchester food banks have joined Greater Manchester Citizens and published an open letter on Saturday 7th November, campaigning for Manchester United and Manchester City to tackle poverty in their city.

The open letter is calling on both clubs' CEO's to become real Living Wage employers.


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Law Commission visit Manchester as part of hate crime review

  • Evidence Consultation organised by Greater Manchester Citizens was held today, Wednesday 11 September 2019, as part of a review into hate crime law by the independent Law Commission, which advises Government on areas of the law that need reform.

  • The visit took place on Wednesday 11th September at the British Muslim Heritage Centre and the commissioners heard from over 40 members of the community, who spoke directly to the Commission about their experiences of misogyny, Islamophobia and intersectional hate crime.

  • Community organising group Greater Manchester Citizens - which includes members from Mosques, Churches and Synagogues, the University of Manchester, Levenshulme School from Girls as well as other civil society groups - has been campaigning for stronger Hate Crime laws for the past two years and successfully bid for the consultation to be held in Manchester. 

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Solidarity forever, for the union makes us strong

In this blog, UNISON North West Organiser Conor McGurran, shares what he is taking away from Citizens UK's national training in community organising and reflects on the areas of common interest between unions and Citizens alliances around which power can be built and change affected.

Conor taking part in a role play during which trainees organise a campaign action to put into practice learning gained so far on how to effectively organise around a common interest and negotiate with power-holders.

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Petition: Premier League must act on Living Wage

Greater Manchester Citizens today launched a Living Wage petition, after Premier League clubs spent hundreds of millions on players but still don't pay a real Living Wage to all staff.

Sign the petition

Working at Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United and other Premier League clubs are thousands of cleaners, caterers and stewards, on less than £9 an hour.

Only 4 proud Premier League clubs, Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham pay a real Living Wage.

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Winning a Living Wage campaign for low paid workers

In November 2016 my friend Josh and I joined a group of other students to begin campaigning for the University of Manchester to become an accredited Living Wage employer. We walked in aware of the concept of the real Living Wage but less familiar with Citizens UK and the work they had done on this issue. After that first meeting he became the campaign Chair and I was made the Treasurer.


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Greater Manchester Citizens lay down Living Wage challenge to University of Manchester

Leaders of Greater Manchester Citizens are taking action today to call on the University of Manchester to join others in the region in paying a real Living Wage.

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#MisogynyIShate: a summer of campaigning across Greater Manchester

Sylvie Pope, Citizens UK leader at the University of Manchester, blogs about how Greater Manchester Citizens have led a powerful campaign to classify groping, stalking and other crimes motivated by misogyny as hate crimes - in the region and at a national level.

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Manchester Divided: The true cost of Alexis Sanchez’s record £400,000 a week salary


Community leaders from Manchester Citizens call foul play on low pay at Old Trafford as the January 2018 winter transfer window closes with record outlays and sky-high player salaries.

As Manchester United is once again named as the richest club in the world, life on low pay for sub-contracted workers at the Theatre of Dreams is a very real nightmare. 

Sign our open letter calling for Manchester United to become an accredited Living Wage employer here.

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Greater Manchester's Get Together




Invitation from Brendan Cox, The Jo Cox Foundation, Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester and Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council


Dear Friend

On behalf of Greater Manchester Citizens, Manchester City Council and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority we would like to invite you to the Greater Manchester Great Get Together.

Inspired by the memory and the values of Jo Cox, the Great Get Together is essentially a chance for people of different communities, faiths and backgrounds to come together in celebration and commemoration. We are honoured that communities and organisations across the country are holding tens of thousands of events across the country, bringing together people of different backgrounds, ages and beliefs.

After the tragic events of the past few weeks where so many innocent lives have been lost in Manchester and London, we believe that it is now more important than ever to unite to express our grief for lives lost, our resolve to fight hate in all its forms and our commitment to hold to our values.

In that light we hope that the many events across Manchester planned for the Great Get Together will provide an opportunity for people to come together. Some will want to gather in the centre of the city and this event, taking place in the Cathedral Gardens just by Manchester Arena, will provide that opportunity.

We are keen that the event unites people from diverse backgrounds from across the Greater Manchester area. We would be delighted if you were able to join us at the event with family, colleagues and other representatives of your community.





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Greater Manchester Citizens Statement

Citizens UK and Greater Manchester Citizens offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims, families and friends of the terrible attack last night. We will not let hatred divide us; we will stand together regardless of our faith or political allegiance and work for the common good. 

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