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Brighton & Hove Citizens

Brighton and Hove Citizens is an independent membership alliance of civil society institutions acting together for the common good of our city.

Our membership organisations reach over 25,000 of Brighton and Hove's citizens - pupils, teachers, parents, students and workers of all faiths and none.

Founded in April 2019 we have already held an Assembly with over 200 members of our community and the three leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Green parties in Brighton and Hove Council.

At this Assembly we announced the first issues we want to tackle - and asked the political leaders of our city to commit to change them with us.

Together our leaders and communities are:

  • Creating a Mental Health Service Pledge for our city, setting a standard for what young people can expect from our publicly funded services when needing help.
  • Working with Council to apply for Selective Licensing of Landlords, ensuring good landlords are supported and rogue landlords tackled in our city
  • Re-instating an accessible toilet in the Old Shoreham Road North Cemetery.
  • ensuring the Council supports existing providers to support our homeless community on weekends.

For regular updates on our work, follow us on Twitter @CitizensBH or find us on Facebook at /BHCitizens

Is your organisation, school, faith group or union interested in joining? Please contact our Community Organiser at frida.gustafsson@citizensuk.org

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Brighton and Hove Citizens builds community through covid-19

Brighton and Hove Citizens is an alliance of community groups working together to build grassroots leadership and relationships across diverse communities in our city. We usually meet in person for individual, heartfelt meetings, or at public actions for social justice causes. However, like so much else in our wonderful city, we are adjusting and changing our practices as we together battle Covid-19.

As a community it is key that we stay at home. But we believe that staying at home cannot, and should not, mean that we stop relating to each other. Indeed, in times of social isolation it is key that we take extra time and care to reach out beyond our usual social circles to find social commonality and community in our city.

This is why we, as Brighton and Hove Citizens, are running an online campaign through April and May to build community through covid-19. 

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Celebrating Citizens UK's first sports club in membership

Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC) are immensely proud to be the first sports club to join Citizens UK's network of Community Organising alliances as a dues-paying member organisation. In turn, here at Citizens UK we are delighted to congratulate them on their award-winning effort, in recognition of their commitment to the wider community in Brighton and Hove. In fact, BTTC run seventy sessions for over 1,500 people a week, including players affected by cancer, refugees, seniors, prisoners, school children, players with additional needs and ping pong enthusiasts.

This week the Club of the Year prize went to BTTC at the Daily Mirror Pride of Sport awards! Watch the video to learn more about the amazing work BTTC do to combine the power of sports with the power of community.

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Brighton and Hove Citizens Win Reinstatement of Accessible Toilets in Hove Cemetery

On Tuesday 8th October our Alliance achieved a major campaign win as Brighton and Hove City Council unanimously voted to reinstate an accessible toilet in Hove Cemetery North. These toilets were closed down in 2012 due to cuts and vandalism. The lack of facilities in the cemetery have affected many residents in our city, in particular the elderly and disabled.

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Brighton and Hove Alliance Update July 2019

Our Alliance has been busy this July, achieving significant wins on our campaigns and making exciting plans for the year ahead. Our highlights are our mental health campaign team's deputation to Brighton and Hove City Council, and the Jews4Loos successful event at Hove Cemetery - opening the North Side toilets for the first time in 7 years!

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Brighton and Hove Alliance Update June 2019

Our alliance members have been busy working together to build community leaders, further our campaigns on local issues and connect with other groups in our city. Our highlights for the month of June are our meetings with the Greens and Conservatives, planning a deputation to Council's 54 Councillors and progress for our campaign to reinstate accessible toilets in Hove Cemetery.

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Brighton and Hove Citizens Call for Change

On the evening of the 29th April 2019, three days before the local elections, over two hundred people gathered for an evening of powerful stories, empowered questions, thoughtful responses, but most of all an evening of commitment to change under the banner of Brighton and Hove Citizens. It was the culmination of an initiative started over two years before, led by seven local organisations who recognised the possibility for change when people come together.

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