Citizens Cymru Wales

Citizens Cymru Wales builds diverse alliances of communities organising for power, social justice and the common good. Cardiff Citizens and Vale of Glamorgan Citizens launched in October 2014 with a Founding Assembly of 700 people from over a hundred organisations. Groups in the Valleys, Swansea Bay and Newport area are working on establishing their own Citizens alliances.

What issues is Citizens Cymru Wales focusing on at the moment?

At their Founding Assembly, Cardiff Citizens and Vale of Glamorgan Citizens set out five goals for the next five years:

  1. Tackle Poverty & Inequality: We want a society where everyone has the opportunity to participate and prosper. We have a live campaign focused on tackling gender inequality and ensuring healthy relationships.

  2. Ensure a Fair Day’s Pay for a Fair Day’s Work: We want good quality Living Wage job opportunities for our workers. We are working to get Cardiff City FC and the WRU to diversify their recruitment process and to accredit as Living Wage employers.

  3. Make Services More Accountable: We want a city and county where businesses and services are responsive to local people. We are developing a ‘Good Housing Charter’ to better regulate letting agents and landlords.

  4. Keep a Welcome in our Communities: We want our communities to be welcoming to each other, and to those in need. We are seeking to bring people together across barriers to welcome new refugees.

  5. Overcome Powerlessness: We want to nurture citizen leaders who will build the power they need to achieve change. We are running our Brighter Futures Youth Leadership Programme in schools and youth organisations, and registering people to vote.

What are your proudest victories in the last year?

We are proud of our successful campaign to get Cardiff University to accredit as a Living Wage employer. It resulted in 140 of their lowest-paid staff receiving a 20% increase in pay. You can see what a difference it made here:

How would you show someone how you had made Wales a better place?

We would take them for a Nando's in Cardiff's Brewery Quarter! As a result of a Cardiff Citizens 'Chicken Run' campaign it became the first mainstream chain restaurant where Muslims and non-Muslims could eat together. You can watch a video about the Chicken Run campaign here:

What makes Citizens Cymru Wales special?

We are lucky to be building on and reinvigorating a rich tradition of community organising in Wales - and we make sure that our actions and assemblies are distinctively Welsh. Our Founding Assembly included a bilingual introduction, the Welsh national anthem, a harpist and a bard!

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Citizens Call for World Cup Living Wage Commitment

Last night, Wednesday October 22nd, over 800 people, representing 100 local groups came together at Eglwys y Tabernacl on the Hayes, Cardiff, to attend the Cardiff Citizens and Vale of Glamorgan Citizens Founding Assembly and ratify a series of social justice campaigns they would work on together over the next five years, with the most immediate being a call to make the Rugby World Cup 2015 deliver a legacy of Living Wage jobs for Wales.

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