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West London

West London Citizens is a broad-based alliance of member communities from Westminster to Hounslow, founded in 2005. Members are faith, education, labour and third sector organisations who work together for the common good. Our focus is the development of people and communities so they have the power to make change on the issues that matter. We raise our own money to employ organisers who support our work through training, relationship building and action. We have a Leadership Team composed of people from our member communities who lead and oversee our work. We are nonpartisan and have a track record of working with businesses and with Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians.

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Organising around the Living Wage: the story of Heathrow Airport

Last year, we announced the fantastic decision by Heathrow Airport to become the world’s first Living Wage airport, a decision taken by management that ensures the business is doing the right thing and its workers can live in dignity.

I wanted to tell you a bit about the story of how West London Citizens got there, after years of painstaking organising work, in the hope that others can take inspiration from this story in their own Living Wage organising.

In the summer of 2016 West London Citizens (WLC) was campaigning to get Heathrow airport to sign up as a Living Wage employer. The campaign had already been running for two years but needed a boost.


West London Churches holding a living wage mass in support of workers

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Nottingham organiser heads south to West London


 Lydia Rye, Senior Organiser for West London Citizens.  

Lydia Rye is the new Senior Organiser for West London Citizens. Before this she worked as the Senior Organiser for Nottingham & Maun Valley Citizens, and worked on dozens of campaigns to see real change on issues from hate crime to homelessness and mental health.  She is particularly proud of the work which led to Nottingham becoming the first place in the country to introduce misogyny as a category of hate crime, and of supporting Nottingham Citizens to hold the largest single event in the 2015 general election, bringing together 2,300 people in the city's Royal Concert Hall.  

Before working for Citizens UK Lydia worked for a local charity, overseeing outreach services to sex workers, and is particularly passionate about supporting women to engage in public life. In her spare time she loves to test recipes she's never tried before on groups of unsuspecting friends and to binge watch really bad TV.

Contact: Lydia.Rye@citizensuk.org.uk





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Citizens UK Calls on Premier League to Show Living Wage Leadership This Christmas

Citizens UK, the national community organising charity and home of the Living Wage campaign has this morning (11th December 2014) welcomed the news that Chelsea FC has become the first accredited Premier League Football Club, alongside Heart of Midlothian (Hearts) FC who has accredited as a Living Wage employer in Scotland.

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Ealing Citizens Push Councillors to Pay Care Workers Living Wage

On Wednesday 14th May, in front of over 250 members and guests of West London Citizens at the Ealing Citizens Accountability Assembly in a packed hall at William Perkin C of E School, Cllrs Julian Bell and David Millican, the Labour and Conservative candidates for leader of the council pledged to support the West London Citizens social care campaign in all respects save one. They refused to commit to paying all council contracted care workers the London Living Wage of £8.80 per hour.

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