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South London

South London Citizens is part of CitizensUK - Europe's largest and most diverse alliance of civil society institutions working together for the common good.

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Croydon Citizens ‘cross’ at dangerous road: Community alliance calls for longer green man at unsafe crossing

Community leaders from Croydon Citizens took action on Sunday to highlight a dangerous pedestrian crossing in Thornton Heath.

The leaders, dressed in green, crossed the road between Tesco and Superdrug on Brigstock Road in Thornton Heath behind elderly and disabled peers to show how difficult it is to get across safely before the green man turns red.

The leaders held banners saying ‘give us time to cross’ and ‘stay green for longer’ in an attempt to send a clear message to Transport for London (TfL) who are responsible for all traffic lights and crossings in Croydon.

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Southwark Citizens come together and act on the issue of child destitution

In Southwark many children are living in poverty, going to school after having a night of sleep on somebody else’s couch and going without basics such as warm clothes, toys and food. Southwark Citizens, a local branch of national community organising charity Citizens UK, have come together to offer immediate support to these children and their families and launched the first Southwark Baby Bank Lunch on Friday 4th April at the Salvation Army in Camberwell Green.

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