Nottingham Citizens is a diverse alliance of community organisations from faith, education, trade union and third sector backgrounds committed to working together for the common good of Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham Citizens leaders took their first public action in November 2012 gathering 1000 people with the prospective Police and Crime Commissioner candidates in the run up to the election with 5 key asks about city safety.

The alliance then officially founded with an assembly of more than 800 community leaders on June 27th 2013 in the Albert Hall with an agenda to make Nottingham safer, healthier and more prosperous.

Some of what Nottingham Citizens has achieved in the last 18 months:

  • 100 CCTV cameras to be installed into Nottingham Cabs in 2014 after we found 696 incidents of racist abuse against just 130 drivers in one week
  • A police contact point in the lodge on the Forest Rec Ground and railings along the Mansfield Road
  • A new police system for monitoring and tackling the sexual propositioning of school students
  • A new system for monitoring Stop and Search among the police
  • Investment of £36,000 in the Women’s Aid Domestic Violence hotline
  • A reversal of the police’s HR processes for the next wave of recruitment to help them attract BME talent from Nottingham with more than 60 candidates entering the process as a result
  • A living wage for all directly employed staff at Nottinghamshire County Council – an average pay rise of £850 per year for 2,291 people
  • A pay rise to £7.45 for a further 900 people, improving their conditions by £840,000 a year at the city council
  • A living wage at Nottinghamshire Police and Gedling, Mansfield, Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood District Councils for a further 1,000+ people
  • A board level appointment at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust to lead for Mental Health and a lead Councillor for Mental Health at the City Council
  • Reform of assessment formats at NUHT so every admission is assessed for mental health conditions, affecting hundreds of thousands of people annually
  • Commitment of a regular visit from a nurse to Bestwood Village who have not until now had regular access to medical provision in the Village
  • More than 300 leaders on our 2 and 6 day training courses in community organising methods

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Building a city of sanctuary

A series of measures to help refugees and asylum seekers feel safe and supported in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have been backed by key decision-makers in the city and county.

Representatives of the city and county councils and the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire gave commitments to work with each other and Nottingham Citizens to enhance the welcome and re-settlement support received by people seeking sanctuary here.

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Independent Sanctuary Commission launch postponed

Over the past five months, Nottingham Citizens have been carrying out research into the experience of the refugee community in Nottingham. Over this time, our team of 40 leaders have held public hearings, read through written submissions from expert bodies in the field and surveyed 280 refugee and asylum seekers directly to hear their voices and learn from the tensions they have faced.

This research was to culminate in a report which was due to launch on 18 October setting out recommendations and the ground work for precedent-setting change in the sector. However, due to the sensitivity, complexity and capacity of the issues we have decided to postpone the launch of the until late November.

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Response to post-EU Referendum increase in hate crime

As a key part of civil society Nottingham Citizens has a proud record of working with diverse groups for the common good – in particular in tackling hate crime and creating a more equal and cohesive society.

Yet, since the outcome of the EU Referendum there has been national evidence of increased hostility towards members of the Black and Minority Ethnic community and to those seen as being migrants or refugees to our nation. Some of our own BME and diaspora membership have shared anecdotal evidence of racial hostility and hate crime that appear to be influenced by the outcome of the Referendum.

It is so important that we make a stand as Nottingham Citizens and communicate to our membership that in the midst of current political uncertainty we celebrate, value and stand with people in our membership from around the world as we challenge hate in all its forms. To anyone within our member communities or beyond who has been directly affected by this issue we stand with you in support and solidarity.

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Nottingham Citizens Launches Social Care Listening Campaign


Last night Nottingham Citizens launched their social care listening campaign in Nottingham. There were over 80 enthusiastic members of the public in attendance, who all cared about care, representing 30 different organisations in the community, and working to acknowledge the main problems with social care in Nottingham that they wanted changed.

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More than 100 sixth formers and community leaders will gather at the Nottingham Emmanuel School on Tuesday the 28th April for a first time voters lunch – asking Rushcliffe candidates why they should bother to vote and presenting key issues for young people to hear their responses.

The first time voters lunch with a difference will turn the traditional hustings on its head – instead of the normal crowd hearing set speeches from local candidates the room will be full of teenagers, vicars and students union leaders who all care deeply about the community in which they live and who want to bring about effective change.  They will be presenting local MP Ken Clarke and Labour candidate David Mellen with the challenge of convincing them why voting matters before the room decides if the argument was convincing and then working in groups with local community leaders before agreeing together the key issues they want to ask candidates about.

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Communities that Care


Last night, Tuesday, 24th March, 2,300 people from Nottingham Citizens, a part of national community organising charity, Citizens UK, came together with local, regional and national politicians ahead of the general election to ask them how they will fix the crisis in the current social care system.

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Nottingham Citizens hold fast in sorrow and solidarity with the victims of Paris attack

On Monday this week hundreds of Nottingham Citizens participated in a fast called by Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE in response to the terrible attack in Paris. 120 community leaders broke their fast together at the Karimia Institute Nottingham having published the following statement.

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Commission into Hate Crime launched: Nottingham Citizens demand that there be “No Place for Hate”

Campaigning alliance Nottingham Citizens on Monday launched an independent civic inquiry into hate crime in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. A team of six leading Citizen Commissioners were appointed to conduct the deepest piece of research into hate crime across the county to date, in what will be the largest piece of peer led research into hate crime in the UK.

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