Multi Faith Assembly Calling for Promotion of Integration


On Saturday 1st October, leaders from London Citizens attended the Faith & Community Assembly organised by the Anglican Diocese of Southwark, which focussed specifically on making London Open and No Place for Hate.

The Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan, Bishop Christopher Chessun and the representatives of the major faiths, along with Citizens UK and several young people from South London Citizens member churches, schools and colleges signed a Declaration which starts with ‘we pledge our determination as Londoners to ensure that this great city shall continue to be a place of welcome, generosity and equality, with respect to all.

The Bishop explained that the event was "about London, our hopes for the future, and the part we can each play in promoting values which will help all Londoners flourish".


Young leaders Tahmid Islam (from the campaign Stand Up Stand Out) and Ijeoma Moore (who shared her story of immigration at the London Mayoral Assembly in front of 6000 people in April 2016) both addressed the audience and thanked the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for honouring the commitments he made at the London Mayoral Assembly.

Tahmid said “More often than not young people get the shortest end of the stick, pushed aside to the margins of agendas, our university fees constantly rising, our grant funding cut from us - the cost of living is higher than any generation before us. The same can be said for migrant and diaspora communities - we are not integrating enough, the media spinning negative stories about us, with hate crime on the rise - we are feeling less welcome than ever before.

What Stand Up Stand Out are doing is flipping that narrative - we work on issues of social justice and believe no matter where you were born you should be welcomed.

There is much to improve, we know that because we are leaders of our communities and they tell us so. You said that as Mayor you would personally be a champion for these issues of integration and you have done that successfully with campaigns like 'London is Open' which was just what we needed after the Brexit vote. You honoured your commitment to us and we now have a Deputy Mayor for Integration who can also champion this and we at London Citizens and Stand Up Stand Out want to thank you and offer you our support to help make London a city for all of us.”


The Mayor praised the capital for its hospitality to people from so many backgrounds, but urged Londoners to do more to promote genuine integration. The Mayor stated that "while I represent a diverse and tolerant city, improving social integration is still one of the biggest challenges we face if we want the capital to fulfil its true potential."

Neil Jameson, Executive Director of Citizens UK, also spoke sharing his thoughts on how by organising around issues we agree on in London Citizens, such as better wages, safer streets and help for refugees, our member institutions also get into a mutually respectful relationships. He said; “our experience is that people in relationship and groups in relationship are far less likely to stereotype, label and blame the other. People who organise together tend to stay together!”

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  • commented 2016-12-02 22:13:45 +0000
    West must to tolerate and respect those who are different. During colonial days, British did not follow local customs or culture. They didn’t exactly “go native”. They even forced the native Americans and native Australian to adopt all the evils of their culture and customs. They are still the underdogs of American and Australian societies. At least Australian Prime Minister apologised to the natives for their evil deeds. Brits living in Spain and France don’t even bother learning the language of the new adopted country. Frankly suggesting that people don’t want to become “British” they should move elsewhere is extremely irritating. Immigrants are in UK because they are needed, it was never an act of charity. Without migration, British economy and society will bleed to death. British culture and customs will undoubtedly change as it has for millennium due to immigration. I am not quite sure why Brits would be worried about that.

    Of course Multiculturalism has failed. The Irish hate the English. The Scots hate the English & the Welsh hate The English. So what do you expect from people from other nations. Multiculturalism means different cultures living side by side, separately. We live in a multicultural world of mono-cultural countries. If only England becomes multicultural and other countries don’t, then the result will be a less multicultural world. Right next to the Over ground Station, a peek inside the Railway Tavern pub will reveal white locals in the front, black locals in the back room. This segregation is self-enforced; both parties seem to prefer it that way. The sight of such retailed segregation is uncomfortable, and off-putting. It inevitably reminded me of the ”separate but equal” facilities of late-Jim Crow 60s America.

    Many comments claim that the immigrants don’t integrate. Aside from the little interactions mentioned, how can integration occur? Doesn’t it need to be 2-way? How many of us are pleased to accept hospitality and gifts of exotic dishes offered by the ‘immigrants’ and yet don’t reciprocate? Difficult to have a truly ‘multicultural’ society when the core belief of many of those who inhabit one of those cultures is that all the others should be eradicated.

    CHRISTIANS should be encouraged to marry Muslims as a way of tackling Islamophobia, a senior peer claimed today. Lord Scott, a former Supreme Court Judge, cited his own family – in which two of his four children married Muslims – as an example of how interfaith families can thrive. The peer, who sits as a crossbencher in the Lords, made the comments during a debate on how to improve relations between the Muslim community and other faith groups in the UK. He said: “Of my two sons one has become a Muslim and of my two daughters one of those has become a Muslim, and I have 12 lovely grandchildren, seven of whom are little Muslims…”I do just wonder that if an improvement is needed between the faith groups, one way of promoting that might be to encourage interfaith marriages."

    Whilst I agree that you have an immigration problem in this country, I don’t think that this is your main problem. Your main problem is the disintegration of the family unit and the loveless binge drinking environment that your children are growing up in! NEVER in my life have I seen another country where people so seldom give their children a hug and a kiss like in this country and NEVER in my life have I seen another country where there are so many children from different fathers growing up in single parent households! Before you tackle the immigration problem (at least the immigrants LOVE their kids) you should first look at yourselves!

    Why complain when it’s the British who first migrated into other lands enslaving those people? When it is a question on immigration, the feelings are so strong. I wonder why. Serves you right! Britain! When the British colonised the world, it was ok. But now when people from the former colonies and from other countries come to Britain, its not ok?

    Look into history and then you can cry because what goes around comes around. Don’t see why people have such a problem with mass immigration? It enriches our culture and boosts the economy! We have to stop looking at these people as immigrants and think of them as human beings. The immigrants are not to blame because they were invited and welcomed here by our successive government. We have quite large Spanish , French and Italian communities in Brighton and I believe it really enhances the place and adds to diversity of the City. Globalisation is here to stay. Britain colonised & some would say civilised half the world. It’s called Karma. Not so long ago British people colonized Asia, living like kings while locals suffering to no end. At least, these migrants do not enslave the Britons, so stop whining please.
  • commented 2016-12-01 11:24:08 +0000
    This special session has been to accelerate the focus towards the
    implementation of a comprehensive manner and not to renegotiate its provisions or to be selective in its implementation reaffirm that programme of action for achieving sustainable development. All the principles contained in the Rio Declaration on and the Forest Principles.