Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Citizens was started in July 2016, work with a variety of institutions across Greater Manchester including schools, trade union branches, faith institutions and community groups.

Our current focus is centred on our Mayoral Assembly on May 1st. Communities across Greater Manchester will decide who takes office as the first ever Mayor for our region. S/he will lead decisions on transport, social care, housing, young people, skills and public sector reform which will significantly affect the lives and prospects of people across our communities.

Our Greater Manchester Citizens Organiser is Furqan Naeem. Contact him at


Greater Manchester Citizens send message to show we want to build bridges and not walls


Greater Manchester Citizens, a chapter of the national community organising group Citizens UK are dong an action this coming Friday 20th January bringing together communities to show solidarity towards immigrants and refugees with the rest of the world. On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the USA, banners will be dropped from bridges across the country to send a simple, hopeful message: we will build bridges, not walls in the face of hate, fear, lies and division.

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