Over 20 diverse institutions currently make up Nottingham Citizens. The aim is to build a network of 40, representing every area and every major community in the Greater Nottingham by September 2012.

Leadership training programs will run every month so that in September teams across the city can begin the first ever citywide listening campaign, thousands of conversations across Nottingham about what’s putting pressure on families and what can be done to improve this great city.

Developing our agenda in 2013 we will look to launch in June with 1,000 people from 40 communities to say that we love the city, and with an agenda to make it better.

The Citizens’ Commission into Homelessness and Hope is a community led response to destitution in our city.

Homelessness and Hope ReportShocked by stories of a family of four in a single bed, a young man sleeping in a cemetery and people being denied even basic human dignity six independent commissioners undertook and successfully completed one of the largest pieces of peer led research into destitution in Britain and substantially the deepest piece of research done in Nottingham.

Launched in front of over 200 people and with commitments to negotiate on our findings from Nottingham City Council, the UK Border Agency and G4S our team is now working to see their recommendations realised in Nottingham to ensure some of the most vulnerable in our city are supported and that taxpayers receive value for money in the services offered.

Download Homelessness and Hope Report

For information about Nottingham Citizens please contact George Gabriel: George.Gabriel@nottinghamcitizens.org or 07969 151 841