Citizens UK is made up of affiliated local Citizens organisation: London Citizens, Citizens:MK (in Milton Keynes), Nottingham Citizens and Citizens UK in Birmingham.

Work continues to build sponsoring committees in Cardiff and Glasgow, we are raising funds to develop alliances with the support of a professional Citizens UK Community Organiser.

London Citizens is made up of local Chapters: The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO), South London Citizens (SLC), West London Citizens (WLC), North London Citizens (NLC) and Shoreditch Citizens.

Chapters and local Citizens organisations are made up of dues-paying member institutions representing faith institutions, universities, colleges, schools, trade unions, and community groups. Altogether, more than 250 civil society institutions have joined local Citizens UK Chapters and affiliated organisations and have committed to working together for the common good of our communities.

If you are from a civil society institution and are keen to find out more about joining an existing Chapter, or if you are interested in developoing a sponsoring committee in your city, contact a Citizens UK Community Organiser.