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Sumaya's Story

Sumaya.jpgSumaya was one of two students last year who secured a paid internship at creative advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy, through Citizens UK's Good Jobs Campaign. During her time on the programme, she was a first year student at Mulberry Sixth Form studying her A Levels in Media Studies, Psychology and Sociology. She is now in her second year and we have very high hopes for her as she decides upon her next steps.






Could you tell us a bit about yourself, and why you applied for Pathways to Creative Industries last year?

My name is Sumaya, and I am currently studying A Levels at Mulberry Sixth Form. I study Media Studies, Psychology, and Sociology and I am in my second year of college. My favourite subject is Media Studies, and would like to study Media and Communications at University (preferably Goldsmiths University). I applied for Pathways to Creative industries last year, just to get an insight about the advertising industry, and how it works as I did not know much about it.

What did the workshops with Wieden + Kennedy involve?

Our main client, we focused on in the Wieden + Kennedy workshops, was Arla’s Lurpak. In each workshop we did different things which helped us understand how many sectors there are in advertisement. Moreover, each session we were put in different groups at random, so it helped us get to know everyone there as there were two colleges. Our first workshop we worked with planners: we researched about Lurpak (what is Lurpak? Where did it originate from? Etc.) in groups, and then presented it to everyone else.

Our second workshop we worked with the creative team, which was probably my favourite out of all the other workshops. We were put into groups again, different to the last, and then given a random object each (my group got cellotape). With the cellotape, we had to use our imaginations and think of other traits of cellotapes instead of just sticking things together. Also, we thought of how we would sell that product, by creating an advert through the traits we thought of. After doing that, we used our imagination to think of ways to sell Lurpak, by thinking about who our target audience is and how they would use Lurpak. For both ideas for cellotape and Lurpak we presented back to everyone else. It was interesting to see what other people came up with, and they were all really good.

Third workshop I did not attend sadly, as I went to Dorset for Geography, and that session was filming the advert. I am upset that I couldn’t be there in person, as I enjoy filming and editing, but from what I heard, people were dressing up, and getting creative with the adverts they were producing.

Our final workshop was very nerve-racking, as it was focusing on presentation skills. In groups we were given different adverts to watch, which we had to analyse. After analysing, we had to choose one of the adverts to sell to the team, so we prepared ourselves by assigning who is going to say what. Furthermore, we had to be prepared for the questions we could be asked after trying to sell the advert to the team.

Could you tell us about the highlights of your internship with Wieden + Kennedy?

I have many highlights from the internship with Wieden + Kennedy as I really enjoyed my time there. Firstly, getting the internship, had put me into shock, as I thought I had zero chance in getting in. During the internship we worked with different clients: Pokemon Go, Sainsbury’s, Nike, and Arla, and different  teams: the account team, planners, creatives, creative producers, and the runners (admin). My favourite team to work with was probably the creatives, but I  loved working with all the different clients.


In addition, getting an insight on Pokemon Go Travel, a little sneak peek to the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, adding my creative input to ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ for Nike, and watching the Cravendale advert for Arla before it was released, made me feel overwhelmed and special in a weird fun sort of way. Also, running was a highlight to, as the admin job was hectic one day, and relaxed in another.

Lastly, we were set our own project where we had to create a presentation about each client we worked with and how we can influence the younger audience like myself to buy their products. After creating this presentation, we had to present it to mostly everyone we worked with during my time at the internship, and I was very nervous, but I did it, and it has definitely improved my presentation skills. There were many more highlights during my time as an intern, but I would end up writing a novel.

Sumaya with her fellow intern, James, and Laura, who supported 
them throughout their Wieden + Kennedy journey's.

In what ways has the Good Jobs Campaign helped you?

Good Jobs Campaign has helped me with developing my presentation, and communication skills. These are skills that are needed everywhere, so I am glad I took part in it. Also, learning about the creative industry, and the different sectors in advertisement, has made me think about pursuing a career in advertisement, as you don’t need a specific degree to get into it. In addition, we had sessions in JP Morgan, which had helped me with my interview skills, as the internship interview was my first interview to have.

How would you describe a Good Job?

I would describe a good job to be one that you enjoy yourself, and feel as though you are at home because of the environment you are working in and the work you are set. Also, a good job is something you learn from as you grow, and always keeps you busy with new things, instead of boring you with work that doesn’t interest you.

What kind of advice could you give to present and future participants of the Pathways to Creative Industries programme?

My advice for the present and future participants of the Pathways to Creative Industries, is to have fun, and cherish the time they have because I would love to do the whole thing again. Also you should try to challenge yourself, such as taking on the internship, as you get to learn more about the industry as well as getting paid a good amount of money, and don’t let the interview get in the way of you doing that. Try your best to go to every workshop, so you can develop your knowledge on the industry and your networking skills.


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