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Shuhana's Story

Shuhana Begum from Mulberry School for Girls has written about her participation in Pathways to Creative Industries, run by Citizen UK's Good Jobs Campaign.

The Good Jobs Campaign's Pathways to Creative Industries is a programme that was designed with the help of creative advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy. The programme is particularly for students who are interested in creative marketing. All participants who graduate can apply for paid summer internships at Wieden + Kennedy.




“I had many motivations for joining Pathways to Creative Industries with Wieden + Kennedy. From the start it seemed like an amazing opportunity that could benefit my future. Not only with my university applications but with job applications too. Since completing a few sessions, I can confidently say I am more prepared and confident to be going into the world of work. An added bonus is all the new and amazing people we get to meet. I was always so confined to the same type of people I have known for years inside the walls of my school but this programme helped me meet new people and broaden my contacts. I feel blessed to have met all these new people who have been mentors and fellow mentees.

“What I hope to gain from the following sessions include things I will need later in life. For example, I know we will be presenting a lot, and although I feel I am good at communicating one to one, I want to be able to display my ideas to a group of people effectively where I am being understood. For this I will need certain skills like communication for particular audiences, and being able to speak my mind clearly. I know Wieden + Kennedy will be able to help me with this.

“So far, we have analysed Nike, a brand that Wieden + Kennedy works with, and have gone through the process of how advertisements are made and made one of our own. We were split into groups for this and had to report back and present what we had come up with.

“From this I have learnt the real effort and time it takes to create an advertising campaign, and in the end the hard work pays off because it feels like a masterpiece had been created. So, I’ve learnt something I wasn’t expecting to. I’ve learnt about the rewards and feeling of completion after working towards something. I’m glad I learnt this”.


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