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Peckham Votes Yes to Launching Peckham Citizens

On Thursday 20th November, 94 people from 17 institutions across Peckham came together at Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, on Rye Lane, for the Peckham Citizens Commissioning Assembly. The group unanimously voted to work towards founding a formal alliance of civic institutions in Peckham, called Peckham Citizens. The alliance will work together to tackle social injustices throughout the local area, putting people in Peckham at the forefront of making their neighbourhood a fairer and better place for all. Thursday night - which was co-chaired by Rev. Paul Collier of Copleston Church and Community Centre and Fran Botley of Southwark Primary Free School - also marked the start of 1,000 Voices, a listening campaign to talk and listen to 1,000 people in Peckham about the challenges people face in the local area.

Institutions attending the event include:

  1. Copleston Church and Community Centre
  2. Southwark Primary Free School
  3. Rye Lane Baptist Chapel
  4. Oliver Goldsmith Primary School
  5. St James The Great RC Church
  6. St James The Great Primary School
  7. Restore Church
  8. Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum
  9. East Peckham’s Children’s Centre
  10. All Saints, Peckham
  11. New Testament Church of God, Peckham
  12. Kharis Ministries
  13. Rye Oak Primary School & Children’s Centre
  14. Ledbury Estate Tenants and Residents Association
  15. PECAN
  16. Nell Gwynn Nursery
  17. Honor Oak Baptist Chapel


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