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A London Citizens manifesto for change

London Citizens launch their manifesto for change ahead of the 2020 Mayoral Elections, and outline campaign areas and asks to put to the mayoral candidates at the assembly on 21st April 2020.  

We are concerned by housing, low wages, treatment of migrants and refugees and climate change, but safety and tackling violence affecting young people on our streets is the number one issue for London Citizens and as we launch our manifesto for London. Too many young people are losing their lives or facing serious harm because of this complex and tragic issue.

Read the full London Citizens manifesto here.


We are young people, teachers, youth workers, faith leaders, and other members and supporters of London Citizens.

Over the last 2 years members of London Citizens have held listening campaigns and safety commissions. Through this we have spoken with experts from the VRU in Glasgow, policy makers in London and more importantly the real experts: thousands of Londoners, including young people, parents, head teachers and community leaders about what can be done.

We’ve also run campaigns to secure space for more affordable homes, challenged more employers to accredit with the Living Wage Foundation and worked with the Mayor, schools and the GLA to tackle the challenges facing migrant families in the capital.

Today you can read our manifesto. Please share on social media with the hashtag #Copperbox2020 with the image below:

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