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London Citizens: Path to 2020 Mayoral Assembly

This page gives you an overview of the key meetings and opportunities for London Citizens members to collectively engage in and shape the plan for our London Citizens Mayoral Accountability Assembly with the primary candidates for London Mayor in 2020. The Assembly will take place on 21st April 2020 - save the date! - at the Copper Box Arena.

Issue Workshops

Purpose: to bring together a range of London Citizens leader, ideally at least 50 from at least 2 Chapters (North, South, TELCO, West), 4 local Borough alliances and 10 member institutions. The goal is to establish whether there is enough energy to organise around the given issue, and to begin developing an organising strategy to engage as many members as possible and to develop the policy asks that will be put to the Mayoral candidates.

Street Homelessness Issue Workshop

  • Open to: all London Citizens leaders who are interested in scoping new issues to prioritise as part of our new 2020 Manifesto. If you are concerned about the increasing number of people sleeping on our streets, and want to take action on this, join us. Recent reports show that 646 people have died homeless on London's streets over the last 5 years.
  • What to expect: 
  • Next meetings: 1st July, 8-9:30 am at the Salvation Army, 101 Queen Victoria Street, EC4P 4EP. Register here to confirm you're attending by 27th June.
  • Contactana.ferreira@citizensuk.org

Housing Issue(s) Workshop

  • Open to: any London Citizens leaders who have taken action on housing before - whether on Community Land Trusts, boosting the number of affordable homes in new developments or on introducing landlord licensing. You don't need to have attended our Housing Learning Day in May to take part moving forward.
  • What to expect: 
  • Next meetings: Saturday 14th September. However, if you are interested in helping to plan the September workshop, please get in touch and attend the planning meeting on 1st July, 4:30-6pm.
  • Contact: Lucy.Delaney@citizensuk.org

More Issue Workshops will be announced shortly on more areas of work. Keep an eye on this page, which will regularly be updated, and be sure to speak to your Organiser - they will be keen to help you reflect on your self-interest and find ways for you to be meaningfully involved.

London Mayoral Strategy Team

Open only to leaders who have been appointed onto this team. If you would like to play a strategic role as part of the Assembly and can commit to turning out a significant number of people from your member institution or alliance, then please speak to your Organiser about this.

  • Purpose: to own, lead on and be accountable for the planning of the Assembly, from policy to campaign asks, logistics, turnout and more with guidance and support from London Organisers.
  • Next meetings: 12 July, 2-5pm.
  • ContactPeter.Brierly@citizensuk.org

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