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Petition: Premier League must act on Living Wage

Greater Manchester Citizens today launched a Living Wage petition, after Premier League clubs spent hundreds of millions on players but still don't pay a real Living Wage to all staff.

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Working at Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United and other Premier League clubs are thousands of cleaners, caterers and stewards, on less than £9 an hour.

Only 4 proud Premier League clubs, Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham pay a real Living Wage.

Last year Greater Manchester Citizens managed to get Manchester United round the table to discuss it last year – but now we need them, and other clubs, to act. 

One cleaner at Old Trafford told us:

“This is the second job that I have to provide for my family. I struggle to put food on the table... It would be great to see the club paying all their staff a fair and decent wage.”

We don’t think workers should wait a day longer – it’s time to set a deadline day to end low pay.

Sign the petition

We want to get thousands of fans and concerned citizens signing this petition – can you sign and share today?

We know that with pressure, we can win. A few months ago I wrote to you to celebrate a Living Wage campaign win in Manchester. After a two year GM Citizens campaign [1], the University of Manchester accredited with the Living Wage Foundation. This student-led campaign lifted hundreds of families out of in-work poverty, a tremendous boost to the city.

With your help we can and will convince more big employers to pay a real Living Wage.

Will Ranger, leader with Greater Manchester Citizens


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  • Anne Weinstock
    commented 2019-08-09 19:17:43 +0100
    Disgraceful that clubs who pay players so much refuse to pay those who work behind the scenes a living wage. Ask the players to try it for a week!
  • Tom O'hagan
    commented 2019-08-09 10:00:43 +0100
    all football clubs should pay the living wage