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Celebrating Citizens UK's first sports club in membership

Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC) are immensely proud to be the first sports club to join Citizens UK's network of Community Organising alliances as a dues-paying member organisation. In turn, here at Citizens UK we are delighted to congratulate them on their award-winning effort, in recognition of their commitment to the wider community in Brighton and Hove. In fact, BTTC run seventy sessions for over 1,500 people a week, including players affected by cancer, refugees, seniors, prisoners, school children, players with additional needs and ping pong enthusiasts.

This week the Club of the Year prize went to BTTC at the Daily Mirror Pride of Sport awards! Watch the video to learn more about the amazing work BTTC do to combine the power of sports with the power of community.

This coincides with the release of their ever single, "Build a Bridge", their debut musical release with a powerful message that goes hand in hand with the principles of Community Organising: to be a leader and set a positive example in your community. 

Founding Director Tim Holtam said: “BTTC is a place of hope, opportunity and solidarity and is a proud member of Brighton Citizens. Please do watch and share our Build a Bridge performance on Facebook and YouTube.”

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