Citizens UK holds regular two and six day training courses. Upcoming dates for these courses can be found on their pages.

2Day 5Day Shoreditch Training Community Organising

Our training is designed for a broad mix of people; we look for talented institutional leaders from schools, congregations, trade unions, NGOs, migrant groups etc who want to improve their community leadership skills. Through formal and informal sessions, group work, and role-play you will learn new ways to improve your effectiveness in public life and to bring about positive change.

A significant part of the training experience deals with working with other community leaders from diverse institutions on the universals of broad-based Community Organising.

Applicants for community leadership training are typically nominated by Community Organisers – interested candidates may be invited to meet with a Community Organiser before their application is accepted. After training a review will take place to help candidates consider next steps and plan a course of action. Those with appropriate experience may be able to apply to the Centre for Civil Society for further studies.

Areas covered in training:
How to connect faith and values to practical action.
The role of power and self-interest in institutional development and creating change.
An introduction to a campaigning methodology that helps strengthen your organisation allowing you, your family, and your community to gain recognition and maintain dignity.

Learning takes place through role play, formal lectures, video, and group discussion.

Facilitators are experienced Community Organisers working across the country.

Previous attendees from teenagers to pensioners include people from Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jewish and Hindu congregations, from local trade union branches, student groups, tenants organisations and community centres. The diversity of attendees makes the training even more valuable.