Working to make streets safer and neighbourhoods more connected

CitySafe Map of London

Thanks to the hard work of young people across London we have over 300 CitySafe Havens and 62 CitySafe Zones.

London Citizens has launched a new CitySafe Map of London, so you can see the location of every CitySafe Haven and CitySafe Zone. You can also read about the communities who have take action to make London safer.

Click here to view the new CitySafe Map of London

About CitySafe

Through the CitySafe campaign young people and adults work together to:

  • Encourage local businesses and organisations to offer their premises as CitySafe Havens and pledge to report 100% of crime
  • Build stronger relationships with their peers, the police and neighbourhood organisations, strengthening their CitySafe Zone
  • Organise events that facilitate dialogue between police and young people, led by CitySafe Champions.

CitySafe Zone is the place in a neighbourhood with an active CitySafe Action Team and Champion who maintain CitySafe Havens and support the CitySafe programme in the community.

CitySafe Haven is a public place to seek refuge in a difficult situation. CitySafe Havens sign a charter committing them to:

  • Pledge to report 100% of crime to the Police
  • Offer their premises as a safe haven for any young person in danger
  • Maintain a relationship with neighbours, police and the local community
  • Encourage their staff to attend CitySafe training
  • Refuse to sell alcohol, knives or other dangerous items to underage or drunk customers.

CitySafe Champion leads the action in a CitySafe Zone, they are passionate about safety in their community.