Citizens UK is currently pursuing a wide range of dynamic campaigns addressing the vital issues which touch the lives of people who live in the UK.

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Living Wage Housing CitySafe

Our campaigns come directly from our membership. Through one-to-one conversations and large-scale listening campaigns, we discover what matters most to our communities. We build our campaigns around the issues that are most pressing for our members. We are successful in our aims, due to our strategic relationships and the practices of Community Organising. In the last year we have:

  • Secured a site for London’s first Community Land Trust which will provide truly and permanently affordable homes to families in east London
  • Persuaded Hackney Homes to spend £1.5 million to eradicate damp in 10 estate blocks in south Hackney
  • Won a bursary scheme for students in Islington worth £750,000 – in place of the EMA
  • Established 100 CitySafe zones across the capital where young people who feel threatened can seek shelter in Safe havens
  • Gained a ‘green man’ for a dangerous crossing in Ealing
  • Launched the ‘Homelessness and Hope’ report in Nottingham – looking at destitution in the city
  • Overseen the closure of the Yarls Wood detention facility, ensuring that children are no longer locked up for immigration purposes
  • Negotiated a road sign from the council for a community in Newham
  • And these are just some of our many successes.

    The video below shows highlights of the Citizens UK General Election Assembly in May 2010, where we put our campaigns to the main Prime Ministerial candidates David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown.