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The real Living Wage in my workplace










Nearly 6,000 businesses and employers have stepped up and proudly pay the voluntary real Living Wage to all their staff, including sub-contracted workers. Together, they have put over £1 billion back into the pockets of some of the lowest paid workers in the UK. 

But there is still a long way to go until every cleaner, caterer, security guard and other hard-working people who are currently struggling to survive on just the minimum wage can earn enough to live on. Remember: only the real Living Wage is calculated based on the true cost of living.

So we need YOU to help grow the movement and fight in-work poverty!

Can you make the case for becoming a Living Wage accredited employer at your own workplace?

It's easier than you may think. Sign up here and we'll immediately send you a page full of tips and talking points, to help persuade your boss. Please also tell us a little about where you work and what your role is, so we can follow up with more tailored information too.

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