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Where next for the Living Wage?

The Chancellor’s new ‘National Living Wage’ announced in the Budget will mean a welcome pay rise for low paid workers. But implementing it will be a big challenge for many employers and on its own it won’t secure a decent standard of living for millions of working families.

What does this higher wage floor mean for the future of the Living Wage campaign? How will employers and consumers respond to the increasingly cluttered terminology surrounding low pay?

At an event in central London, the Resolution Foundation will present new analysis of the ‘National Living Wage’ – who gains and potential issues that may lie ahead. Expert speakers will discuss Britain’s evolving low pay challenge and the future of the Living Wage, followed by a Q&A. 


Gavin Kelly, Chief Executive at the Resolution Foundation


Heather Stewart, Economics Editor at The Observer

Neil Jameson, Executive Director at Citizens UK

Donald Hirsch, Loughborough University where he leads the Minimum Income Standard research from which the Living Wage is calculated

Conor D’Arcy, Policy Analyst at the Resolution Foundation

Nicola Smith, Head of Economics at the TUC

Stephen Uden, Head of Corporate Citizenship for the Nationwide Building Society

September 03, 2015 at 9am - 11am
Central Hall Westminster
Storey's Gate
London SW1H 9NH
United Kingdom