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Together in Europe

Over the past year, Citizens UK has been working with partners in Germany (DICO), Poland (ISP) and the UK (New Europeans) on a project called 'Together in Europe'.  We have been exploring how community organising can be used by mobile EU citizens to participate in their local communities and make them a better place to live and work.

Hundreds of community leaders from across the EU came together to find out more about how community organising works in other countries - we launched at a special event at Europe House in March 2015.

We attended the Citizens General Election Accountability Assembly in 2015...

And the Founding Assembly of STARK! in Cologne, Germany.

There were community organising training events in London, Berlin, Milton Keynes and Warsaw.

During the project, the Syrian refugee crisis provided an interesting focus for participants, as all were involved in welcoming and supporting refugees.  We hosted a major transnational conference call for people to share their experiences and learning.

We reported back our findings at an event in Brussels in December 2015 and launched an invaluable toolkit for mobile Europeans living in the EU to learn how to get involved in the community where they live, or how to make sure they are registered to vote in their new country.  You can read a summary of the Together in Europe project events and participants here.

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