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“Our partnership with Citizens UK has worked well for Atkins as we have been introduced to brilliant young people that perhaps wouldn’t otherwise have considered engineering as a career. We give them the opportunity to understand the world of engineering and in return we get to know them as individuals before offering them more formal placements. It’s a win-win situation!”
Allan Cook, Chair, Atkins


“Our staff are driven by wanting to help young people at the start of their careers and they’ve found their involvement really rewarding. Over the last few years we have been able to better understand the challenges of getting young people into work these days. A lot of our graduates are getting a great benefit out of this - by giving something back, generating interest in STEM and encouraging more diverse groups to pursue an engineering career
Liam Harrison, Market Director, Atkins


“A year ago, I was feeling pretty bleak about the future. I wasn’t pleased with my A level results and thought I would have to get a job in a shop whilst I decided what to do next. Now, thanks to the scheme with Atkins and Citizens UK I’ve got an exciting future. I’ve secured myself a full-time apprenticeship with Atkins to become a Civil Engineer, a job I’d never even considered before, and have already learnt so much”
Sanna Shabir, Participant on the Pathways to Engineering Programme with Atkins


“The Good Jobs Campaign has re-affirmed my decision that I want my career to be in the creative industry and that I have more than one pathway to explore; the advertising sector may definitely be one of them. This experience gave me an insight into the daily routines and management of an advertising agency. Most importantly, it has opened new connections with professionals I can start to network with” 
James Adekitan, Participant on the Pathways to Engineering Programme with Wieden + Kennedy


“As an employer ourselves, we recognise the need to nurture and support a broad pool of talented individuals to help them achieve their potential, because ultimately diversity is our strength. Therefore, we are delighted to be supporting Citizens UK and the Good Jobs Campaign through our Foundation to help young people access jobs in the key growth sectors of London”
Ina De, Co-Head of UK Banking, J.P. Morgan


“I have done UCAS applications with different students for over 10 years and, when they tell me they want to do engineering, they only choose the strands of engineering that they know. Through Good Jobs Campaign our students have discovered a new way of looking at engineering. The students now come to me and tell me about new strands of engineering they would like to do, which do not include the popular choices. Thanks to the programme – they understand the areas more and are not choosing engineering for the sake of it. They are better advised. Atkins have put a lot of effort to explain the main issues and areas of work to them. It changes students’ lives”
Edwin Nganga, Teacher from Leyton Sixth Form College


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