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Citizens UK Report: The Public Subsidy to Low Wage Employers

This report was published in 2015 as an investigation into retailers pay practices and the taxpayer subsidy.

Please note all figures used in this report are from 2015 and hence should be seen as a snapshot from that time and not indicative of current pay practices or public subsidies. To date only one major supermarket, Aldi, is paying the real and London Living Wage to in-house staff. However Aldi does not pay the real Living Wage to contract staff.

In 2018 Sainsburys moved to paying above the real Living Wage to in-house staff outside of London (at £9.20 an hour). We are not aware of whether they pay the London Living Wage to staff in London, or if they pay a real Living Wage to contract staff.

The Real and London Living Wage are calculated as the minimum needed to meet the cost of living in the UK and London.



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