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Strangers into Citizens

Strangers into Citizens was a campaign started by Citizens UK in 2008 calling for a one-time amnesty for undocumented migrants. 

Strangers into Citizens called a two-year work permit to be available to asylum-seekers or economic migrants who could show they had been in the UK for four years or more. The proposals put forward by the campaign would give indefinite leave to remain at the end of a two-year period and provided a pathway to citizenship.

The campaign attempted to influence the policies of the political parties and candidates in both the 2008 London mayoral election and in the 2010 general election in the United Kingdom. During the London mayoral election, the campaign was supportively endorsed candidates including then Mayor of London, Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Strangers Into Citizens was also backed by Civil Society leaders including the then Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor.

The campaign led to 10,000s of families across the country being quietly regularised. 

The campaign was paused in 2013 as we waited for the political climate to shift and we are now focusing on making it easier and more affordable for children to find pathways to citizenship though the Children Into Citizens Campaign.

** Update July 2019 **
On his first day in office Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated his support for Strangers into Citizens.

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