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National Six-Day Community Organising Training

Citizens UK training is for people from civic institutions who want to increase their capacity to make change at the local and national level. Citizens UK Member institutions are part-subsidised with the costs of attendance.

Our training is a combination of theory, practical tools, stories and real action. Our training covers eight modules: Power, Self-Interest, Negotiation, Building Relationships, Leadership, Developing Institutions, Culture, and The Case for Broad-Based Organising. 

Our professional training team are all experienced Community Organisers who are working practioners using broad based community organising to develop leaders, build power and make change at a local, regional and national level. The trainers will illustrate the universal community organising tools by share exciting and distinctive stories about strengthening institutions through campaigns and action from Citizens UK's 25 year track record. 

We hope trainees will come with a commitment to the common good and an appreciation of the role of civil society to make change across the country. Trainees will leave with an enriched sense of purpose, a diverse range of new powerful relationships and a practical set of tools to strengthen their institutions and make meaningful change in their communities.

Please note this is a residential 6 day training, occurring quarterly, taking place in various locations across the UK, in March, July, and September each year.

Upcoming 6 day training dates can be found below:


1-6 July 2018 (near London)

7-12 October 2018 (Leeds)

10-15 March 2019 (location tbc)

30 June – 5 July 2019 (location tbc)

22-27 September 2019 (location tbc)

1-6 March 2020 (location tbc)

28 June – 3 Jul 2020 (location tbc)

20-25 September 2020 (location tbc)


For questions regarding training, please contact your local organiser or marta.torba@citizensuk.org. 

No trainings yet.

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