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Save Lives by Helping Resettle Refugees

Citizens UK is asking you to save lives by helping the UK to resettle more refugees.

There's a vast refugee crisis in the Middle East.

Millions of Iraqis and Syrians have fled to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, including one million children.

The UN urgently needs the rest of the world to resettle the 320,000 most vulnerable Syrian refugees. So far the UK has taken just 90 - that's 30 more than Luxembourg, but 1.1 million fewer than Lebanon!

If you'd like to spread the word, the information on this page is available as an infographic.

There are several ways you can help:

  • Offer to welcome a refugee to your community and find them a safe home - find out more here.
  • Ask your council to resettle refugees - sign up for updates here.
  • Ask your MP to up the UK resettlement quota - find their contact details here.

For more information, contact James Asfa.

If 50 councils each pledge to resettle 50 refugees, we will transform 2,500 lives.