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Reunite these Children

On a beautiful, hopeful evening in January we welcomed a small group of children to be reunited with their families at St Pancras Station.

Since then we’ve identified 178 children, living in terrible conditions in Calais, who have a right to be reunited with their families here in the UK.

But so far the government has transferred less than 50, with children’s applications being blocked at every stage. Worse still, even those children who get approved for transfer are now being left for weeks in the camps, waiting to be driven the 30 minute journey to the train station by the authorities.

Right now there are 14 children fully approved to travel who’ve been left waiting up to 10 weeks to catch a train and reach their families.

It’s not good enough.

Call on the new Immigration Minister, Robert Goodwill to reunite these children with their families by the 25th of August.

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