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Paul Butler, the Bishop of Durham and third most senior Church of England Bishop has released a video in reaction to research by the Living Wage Foundation released today. Bishop Paul calls for more to be done to address in-work poverty by moving to a real Living Wage, pointing out that the benefits bill will go down if employers pay higher wages that are based on the cost of living.

Watch Bishop Paul's video recorded for Citizens UK

“Two thirds of all children living in poverty, across the Country are in families where one or both parents are working... The real impact is felt worst in lone parent families, in families where the child is disabled and in families where they have three or more children... So, to improve the lives of children and families, let’s move to a real Living Wage.”

Research conducted by the Living Wage Foundation shows that a worker on the new government minimum would earn an annual salary worth £1,794 a year less than the real Living Wage, based on what employees and their families need to get by. It would take 33 additional working days to make up this shortfall, the equivalent of working over 6 weeks extra every year. [1]

This additional £1,794 could pay for:

•             More than six months’ food and drink bill for an average household - £1,508

•             Over a year’s average gas and electricity bills - £1,250

•             Almost 3 month’s average rent - £1,738

Read more on the research from the Living Wage Foundation here.

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