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Community Organising is about organising communities to work together to take action for the common good. PACT is applying community organising to early intervention to enable communities to support parents and give babies the best start in life.

We exist to create supportive communities of parents, and to help those parents become leaders in their communities. Through organising communities and health services in Camberwell and Walworth to ensure pregnant women and mums with babies know where they can get the support and care they need, we aim to strengthen babies’ futures and give local children the best possible start in life. 

Parents And Communities Together (PACT) is a partnership of civic institutions such as Churches, Mosques, Schools and Tenants and Resident’s Associations, statutory maternity services, the Institute of Psychology and Psychiatry (KCL). Together we are taking action to improve babies’ developmental outcomes and parent’s wellbeing. PACT is an initiative of the national community organising charity, Citizens UK. Guys and St Thomas’ Charity that exists to support innovative approaches to health system transformation, as well as solutions to the biggest health problems in the London Boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth fund PACT. A research team based at the IOPPN are evaluating the impact our project over the next two years. Please click here for more information about the evaluation. 


How people-powered public services can help bring us closer together.

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