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How people-powered public services can help bring us closer together

Today London Mayor Sadiq Khan is launching his social integration plan from our pioneering project, Parents and Children Together. Will Bibby from Nesta and Sally Gimson from Citizens UK and PACT write about how this mum and dad powered group is making a difference. 

Social integration is determined by how equal a society is, the relationships between different people, and how active people are in the communities in which they live.

With an ageing society, an increasingly diverse population, growing inequality, and rising disenfranchisement with democracy, social integration is rightly high on the agenda. We argue that a model of public services that actively seeks out the expertise, experience, and energy of local people to improve the lives of those around them - what we call people-powered public services - can play a major role to increase social integration.

People-powered public services are well placed to help on all three fronts: supporting people to be active citizens through social action, tackling barriers and inequalities by reaching people who need help the most, and promoting shared experiences by creating trusting relationships - whether that’s to support people living with long-term health conditions, bridge the generational divide, or support parents help their child’s development


Today, the Mayor of London launched his Social Integration Strategy at a local MumSpace in Southwark - where he set out his plan to connect Londoners from all walks of life and announced a new £600k London Family Fund to back innovative projects that bring families closer together.

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