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Camberwell & Walworth

The project is operating in Camberwell and Walworth in the London borough of Southwark. Both Camberwell and Walworth have diverse and vibrant communities. There are a plethora of civic groups such as churches, mosques, community organisations and schools that underpin the community and people from diverse cultures live side by side. The diversity of the communities is reflected in the shops, restaurants, and barbers. It is the strength of civil society and these vibrant communities that PACT builds on and works through.

Some of our community partners include:

- St Peter’s Walworth

- Aylesbury Everywoman’s Centre

- Surrey Square Junior School

- East Street Baptist Church

- 1st Place Children’s Centre

- Camberwell Islamic Centre

- Comber Grove Primary School

- Redeemed Christian Church of God Inspiration House

- Barakah Education and Cultural Association (BECA Mosque)

- Camberwell Salvation Army

- Brandon Baptist Church


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