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Our current activities

Priorities in 2017/18

Hate crime

Following significant achievements in this area in previous years - such as Nottinghamshire Police becoming the first police force in the country to treat misogyny as a hate crime - this issue remains a priority for action. Our hate crime team is working with the University of Nottingham to explore the extent of hate crime and its impact on victims, including conducting a survey to better understand the problems.


The number of people who are homeless or sleeping rough in and around Nottingham has risen markedly over the past two years, so our homelessness team is currently looking at what can be done to reduce the levels of homelessness and ensure every citizen has shelter.


Building on a previous initiative to establish Nottingham as a city of sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers, our sanctuary team is continuing to work with partners to try to enhance the services and support available for people seeking sanctuary, as well as harness what Nottingham Citizens institutions can offer by way of facilities and opportunities to help people feel safe and adjust to life in Nottingham.

Modern slavery

Our modern slavery team is aiming to scope the scale of this problem in Nottingham with a view to considering what action can be taken to identify and best support people exploited as modern slaves and ensure justice for victims of this crime.

Air pollution

Our air pollution team has drawn together members with an interest in championing a cleaner, greener Nottingham, who are engaging with local authorities and other organisations to scope what action Nottingham Citizens and individual citizens can take to reduce harmful levels of air pollution in the city and conurbation.

How have the priorities been decided?

The business of Nottingham Citizens is determined by a well-established cycle of:

  • Listening: conducted by our constituent institutions of their thousands of members and stakeholders
  • Democratically agreeing: which issues to emerge from the listening should be our focus for action
  • Researching and acting: by teams of volunteer representatives - as described above - from our member institutions who identify and plan what could and should be done about the key issues and the organisation(s) with whom they will engage to try to address them
  • Seeking commitments publicly: holding an assembly of constituent members at which politicians and others in power are invited to state publicly what they will commit to do to help tackle the issues raised by Nottingham Citizens
  • Evaluating and celebrating: ensuring commitments are delivered and the positive outcomes are monitored and recognised.