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Millions of working women face financial insecurity, according to new research conducted by the Living Wage Foundation and the Fawcett Society for International Women's Day


Many women on low pay face stark choices, with nearly half (43%) have less than £100 saved, too little to cover a financial emergency.

A poll of women earning below the real Living Wage, conducted by Survation, found that of working women paid less than the real Living Wage of £10.20 an hour in London, and £8.75 outside of London (a quarter of all working women):

Tess Lanning, Director of the Living Wage Foundation, said:

"The precariousness of life for women earning little more than the government minimum shows the need for more employers to take a stand by paying the real Living Wage based on what people need to make ends meet. Our research shows that debt and financial insecurity is widespread for low paid women, with many struggling to save for a rainy day."

Read more about the research at LivingWage.org.uk

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