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Success Stories in the Citizens UK Resettlement Campaign


In June 2014, after seeing the crisis in Syria and Iraq in which almost 6 million people have been displaced, leaders from across Citizens UK were distraught. Only very few Syrian and Iraqi refugees had been brought to this country (by May 2015, only 187 Syrians have been resettled in the UK). Leaders wanted to do more. They knew if they organised themselves into strong, diverse teams and worked together, not only could they build successful local campaigns to get their Councils to commit to resettling refugees, but they could inspire people from across the UK to do the same. 

Here are a few of their stories. 

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Citizens UK and ShareAction AGM army action


Today, two Citizens UK members working in partnership with ShareAction, attended the Next Plc. Annual General Meeting to ask the board questions about the Living Wage. ShareAction supports hundreds of shareholders to attend AGM's, creating an AGM army to ask questions about the Living Wage to some of the UK's biggest companies.

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Citizens UK Looks Forward to Working With the New Government

Citizens UK looks forward to working on the key issues in its People’s Manifesto with the new Government following the General Election results.

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Citizens UK General Election Accountability Assembly


On Monday 4th May over 2,200 Citizens UK members, supporters and guests enjoyed an afternoon of political action at Methodist Central Hall, London.

The Citizens UK General Election Accountability Assembly provided a platform for Citizens UK members to reflect and thank the Coalition government for the commitments they delivered on over the past five years, which were raised at the 2010 Assembly with Cameron, Clegg and Brown; before raising issues with each of the parties live on stage from the Citizens UK People’s Manifesto 2015.

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People, Power and Politics in 2015


Citizens UK, national community organising charity, and the organisation that created the Living Wage campaign, is today (Monday 4th May) hosting the largest assembly to date in its 25 year history ahead of the general election on Thursday. Over 2,200 voters, including 1,000 from marginal constituencies, will gather in Methodist Central Hall to put a series of questions from the Citizens UK People’s Manifesto to the three parties that make up the Government  (Conservative and  Liberal Democrat) and the official opposition (Labour).

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More than 100 sixth formers and community leaders will gather at the Nottingham Emmanuel School on Tuesday the 28th April for a first time voters lunch – asking Rushcliffe candidates why they should bother to vote and presenting key issues for young people to hear their responses.

The first time voters lunch with a difference will turn the traditional hustings on its head – instead of the normal crowd hearing set speeches from local candidates the room will be full of teenagers, vicars and students union leaders who all care deeply about the community in which they live and who want to bring about effective change.  They will be presenting local MP Ken Clarke and Labour candidate David Mellen with the challenge of convincing them why voting matters before the room decides if the argument was convincing and then working in groups with local community leaders before agreeing together the key issues they want to ask candidates about.

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Taxpayers Subsidise Big Business by an Estimated £11 billion a Year

**Please note all figures used in this report are from 2015 and hence should be seen as a snapshot from that time and not indicative of current pay practices or public subsidies. To date only one major supermarket chain, Aldi, is paying the real Living Wage to in-house staff. However Aldi does not pay the real Living Wage to contract staff. No other major supermarket chains pay the real or London Living Wage rates, calculated as the minimum needed to meet the cost of living in the UK and London.**

The UK’s low pay culture is costing tax payers £11 billion per year according to research released by community organising charity, Citizens UK, today.


With over 5.24 million people in the UK, 22% of all employees, earning less than the Living Wage, the Treasury is forced to step in and top-up incomes with in-work benefits, such as working tax credits, so that workers can afford a basic standard of living despite being in employment.

The research shows that in the case of some of the UK’s largest retailers, businesses are benefiting more from the Treasury in wage top-ups than they are paying in tax.

Tesco’s low pay culture is supplemented by the Treasury who had to top up their pay rates to the sum of £364 million in the last year, whilst pay for each low waged worker each year at the retail giant Next costs the taxpayer approximately £2,087.

Huge savings could be made to the public purse if companies paid a Living Wage to employees. If Tesco alone made the move tax payers could save £92 million a year.

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Southwark cabinet member for adult care and Parliamentary Candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood backs the Social Care campaign

Students from James Allen's Girls' School, as members of national Community Organising charity Citizens UK, are fighting for a better standard of care for Southwark elderly residents. Girls from the school were joined by members of Southwark Citizens (local branch of Citizens UK) for the launch of the "I care about care" campaign in the borough at HC-One’s Camberwell Green Care Home.

The campaign drawn up by Citizens UK recommends a Living Wage for carers; support for carers to get more training; and encourages civil society to adopt care homes in their community to offer friendship and support to residents. Dulwich and West Noorwod parliamentary candidate Halen Hayes and Cllr Dora Dixon-Fyle cabinet member for adult care for the borough of Southwark support for the campaign.

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Citizens UK Celebrates Commitments to End Indefinite Detention


Over 600 Citizens UK members gathered in the Great Hall, University of Birmingham, last night and heard Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper MP, answer their call for an end to indefinite detention, by announcing that should Labour be elected this May, they will commit to end indefinite detention, and using best practice guidance, put in place a time limit for detention when it is necessary for immigration purposes. Yvette Cooper confirmed this commitment would be a part of the Labour Party manifesto. This followed an announcement by the Liberal Democrats at their spring conference last week that should they be elected they would end indefinite detention, and Baroness Sally Hamwee reiterated this commitment on stage in Birmingham with Citizens UK. The Rt Hon Desmond Swayne TD MP, Minister of State at the Department for International Development said they would continue to work with Citizens UK around the issue of both indefinite detention and resettlement of refugees and confirmed a record £800 million in aid is being spent in the region.

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Citizens UK Living Wage Football Campaign Response to Premier League


Sophie Stephens, Citizens UK said: "Citizens UK welcomes the news that the Premier League clubs have today committed to pay all directly employed staff the Living Wage.

"This is the first time since the announcement of the Off-Side Rule that the Premier League clubs have acted together to make such a momentous decision. Members of Citizens UK have been campaigning on this issue for the last four years and we are delighted.

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