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Full Community Sponsorship of refugees launched in the UK: first refugees expected to arrive within weeks


Following extensive consultation with the National Refugee Welcome Board and Citizens UK, the Home Office has today (19 July) launched Full Community Sponsorship for refugees. With the launch of the brand new scheme (modelled on a similar, hugely successful, programme in Canada) community groups will be given the opportunity to personally welcome and support refugees arriving in the UK. 

Full Community Sponsorship gives community groups, including churches, synagogues and mosques, an opportunity to get involved in helping refugees through taking the lead responsibility for their resettlement and integration in a community.  The sponsoring groups raise money to help support refugees and are obliged to demonstrate to the Home Office that they are capable of providing the welcome and practical help needed. Citizens UK has launched Sponsor Refugees, a foundation established to promote and support community sponsorship. 

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Greenwich Citizens win NHS Mental Health training for school pupils



Youngsters at two Greenwich schools will be trained as Resilience Peer Mentors, able to offer initial support and signposting to classmates going through mental health issues.

The campaign was put together by young people from Greenwich Citizens, part of Community Organising alliance Citizens UK, after talks with Dr Lesley French, Clinical Director, at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

The partnership was announced at an event held at St Paul's Academy on Wednesday (13 July).

Oxleas will train 10 school pupils in Corelli College Co-Operative Academy, Blackheath and St. Paul's Academy, Abbey Wood as Resilience Peer Mentors.

Other schools, colleges and youth groups from Citizens UK are now looking to build on the work of these students. This includes Greenwich Free School - who presented results from a co-designed a research project with Oxleas, looking at Mental Health issues in Greenwich schools. 

Pupils who campaigned for mental health training at their school will soon begin a one-year pilot

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Response to post-EU Referendum increase in hate crime

As a key part of civil society Nottingham Citizens has a proud record of working with diverse groups for the common good – in particular in tackling hate crime and creating a more equal and cohesive society.

Yet, since the outcome of the EU Referendum there has been national evidence of increased hostility towards members of the Black and Minority Ethnic community and to those seen as being migrants or refugees to our nation. Some of our own BME and diaspora membership have shared anecdotal evidence of racial hostility and hate crime that appear to be influenced by the outcome of the Referendum.

It is so important that we make a stand as Nottingham Citizens and communicate to our membership that in the midst of current political uncertainty we celebrate, value and stand with people in our membership from around the world as we challenge hate in all its forms. To anyone within our member communities or beyond who has been directly affected by this issue we stand with you in support and solidarity.

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The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle Celebrates Living Wage Commitment

living_wage_logo.pngThe Living Wage Foundation is pleased to announce that the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, has today been accredited as a Living Wage employer.
The Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or third-party contractors; receive a minimum hourly wage of £8.25 - significantly higher than the new minimum wage premium for over 25s of £7.20 per hour introduced this April.
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Love London. No Place for Hate: London Citizens Gather in Solidarity Against Hate Crime


London Citizens, the community organising alliance, held unity events across London on Monday morning in an act of solidarity with communities impacted by a reported rise in instances of racist and xenophobic abuse.

Reports of hate crime have risen 57 percent in the last week, according to the National Police Chiefs’ Council. Many London Citizens members have either personally, or through someone they know, been impacted by growing instances of racist and xenophobic abuse. In an effort to combat these crimes, members from London Citizens will gather outside of tube and train stations across London to spread the message “Love London. No place for Hate” demonstrating unity, compassion and solidarity with all London communities. Stickers shall be distributed alongside love hearts and cards with details on how to report hate crime.

You can download the resources here.

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Newham educators discuss importance of citizenship education


On Friday 24th June, educators in Newham London held a Roundtable meeting to discuss the importance of citizenship education and the need to promote civic participation among young people. Education leaders from The University of East London, Birkbeck University of London, St Angela’s School, St Bonaventure’s School, University of East London Students’ Union, and Newham Sixth Form College attended the meeting which was hosted by the CASS School of Education at UEL’s Water Lane campus in Stratford.

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Refugee Welcome Schools


14 and 15 year olds at Saint Gabriel’s College, a Church of England secondary school in South London, have set up a network of Refugees Welcome Schools and are hosting this week the first summit of schools who want to do more for this vulnerable group.

Here, some students share their motivations and what they hope to achieve.

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Mental Health Blog: Julie's Story

Leeds Citizens is campaigning local NHS trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups to work with us to improve primary care mental health services, so everyone has access to a ‘navigator’ – a locally-based mental health professional linked to their GP.

In the latest in our series of stories from Leeds Citizens members, Julie shares her experiences of mental health crisis and care at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

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Scheme to match young talent with employers’ skills gap leads to former Monoux student beating global competition to win Apprentice of the Year


Sanna Shabir, a civil engineering technician apprentice at Atkins Global, has been named Apprentice of the Year at the 2016 international Consultancy & Engineering Awards. The Consultancy and Engineering Awards 2016 recognise and reward business excellence from across the consultancy and engineering sector globally

Sanna earned her place as an apprentice at Atkins  through the Good Jobs Campaign - a Citizens UK initiative which connects young people with businesses needing talented people. By working in partnership with employers and educational institutions, the Good Jobs Campaign has helped over 200 young people - who may otherwise have struggled to access employment opportunities without university qualifications - into jobs, apprenticeships and paid work experience.

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Students present vision for Thamesmead and Abbey Wood

 Greenwich Citizens with Teresa Pearce MP


As part of Greenwich Citizens, students from St. Paul's Academy, Abbey Wood took their classroom into the community to create a vision of Thamesmead and Abbey Wood with affordable and sustainable housing for families, employment opportunities for young people, and public spaces for the community, and presenting these to Teresa Pearce MP.

Gordon Davis, Head of Geography at St. Paul's Academy, said:

"To promote sustainable change we must engage and empower our students in issues of this significance. It is paramount to facilitate more of these experiences for our students – who are active members of the London community – to become the citizens that are the catalysts of change. Working with Citizens UK this year has been the medium in which we can facilitate these experiences to engage and empower our students. It has been a success for Geography and will continue to be a feature in next years study." 

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