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London school children record music video with Hollywood director to get key workers a real Living Wage

School children from St Antony’s Catholic Primary School in Newham recorded a music video with Hollywood director, Saloum N’jie, in order to get key workers a real Living Wage.

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Over 250,000 people will get a pay rise this year with increase of real Living Wage rate

The real Living Wage rate is now £9.50 across the UK and £10.85 in London. 

Since 2011, over £1.3 billion in extra wages has gone to low-paid workers thanks to the Living Wage movement, founded by members of Citizens UK. £800m of those extra wages have gone to people in key worker industries.

But research from the Living Wage Foundation shows that a fifth of employees - 5.5 million - are still paid under the real Living Wage[1].

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Manchester’s Premier League football clubs urged to tackle poverty and pay the real Living Wage


Manchester food banks have joined Greater Manchester Citizens and published an open letter on Saturday 7th November, campaigning for Manchester United and Manchester City to tackle poverty in their city.

The open letter is calling on both clubs' CEO's to become real Living Wage employers.


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Three-year study of our work putting people in the lead delivers increased trust, confidence and engagement in democracy and society

Polling undertaken by Citizens UK has found that 25% of adults volunteered in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are today (November 2, 2020) publishing a report analysing how Community Organising has been used to increase civic leadership, participation and people’s power to make change in 10 areas across England over the last three years.

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LGBT hate crime reports triple in past five years – an intersectional approach to recording hate crime is needed

LGBT hate crime reports have almost tripled in the past five years – as this BBC News report shows. Our members are supporting an intersectional approach to recording hate crime to improve victims experience of the system. 

Hate crime report 

Earlier in the year we published a report on hate crime – Overcoming everyday hate in the UK: Hate crime, oppression and the law. One finding showed that certain groups experienced hate crimes at higher rates. 88.5% of transgender people surveyed said they had experienced hate crime; and 81.8% of gay or lesbian people.  

One participant in the hate crime report, who wished to remain anonymous, gave testimony on an homophobic hate crime incident: "So one of the things that stuck with me was about 12 years ago now, when I was a university student and I was with my girlfriend at the time. We were walking, holding hands, across the park, to campus. And this group of guys, about four of them just started walking alongside us, shouting abuse, rape threats – in the middle of the day, and it was a walk that I did all the time, and it just serves as a reminder that if I’m anywhere in public, with a partner, I just feel ‘well if we show who we are, we are potentially going to be threatened and abused.’" 

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Listen better: Your filter bubble is limiting whose voices you hear

hands holding smart phones and using them

If you’re passionate about community organising, then during coronavirus you really need to be aware of your filter bubble.

Why? Because the bubble of online information you’re presented with is being filtered. And if you’re not aware of that then your listening won’t be what it needs to be.

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Community Organising and me: an interview with Mother Joyce

We interview Croydon Citizens co-chair Mother Joyce, a veteran leader with South London Citizens about why community organising matters to her and her community.

Community organising has enabled me in my role as a priest to carry out the First Commandment to love thy neighbour as thyself 

Whether it is listening one to one or relationship building, it has equipped me with a valuable set of skills. Community organising helps me to identify the collective need of the society and where my community sits within it.

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8 ways we're organising together during the pandemic

The last year has been tough. But amongst the tragedy and the restrictions brought by the pandemic, we've been heartened by many examples of selfless work by our member organisations. As co-chairs of Citizens UK's leadership team we are proud to be part of such a powerful netork of community leaders, mutual aid givers and justice seekers.

We wanted to share eight ways we've been organising with communities and our inspirational members for the common good since the pandemic first hit the UK.

Mutual aid and connecting across Covid divides


Eight of our chapters and many generous online supporters raised over £40,000 in donations for the people and organisations in our membership most in need. Members have been involved in many different mutual aid efforts, from Colchester Citizens’ tech champions to the North London members making PPE for Care Homes. Read about our crisis response

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Britain Connects: A conversation with the nation

Britain Connects Daily Mirror Citizens UK

Last month, Citizens UK leaders gathered on Zoom to participate in a ground-breaking virtual project, Britain Connects, launched in partnership with the Daily Mirror.

Britain Connects was created to encourage strangers to meet for a virtual chat to discuss issues that have arisen during the coronavirus pandemic and challenges we may face in a post-Covid-19 world. The event is a virtual successor to a similar event run by the Daily Mirror, Britain Talks, in response to an increasingly divided nation post-Brexit. 

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Tyne & Wear Citizens launch campaign to get a counsellor in all schools

Young people mental health

Tyne & Wear Citizens is launching a campaign to get schools-based counsellors in every single school in the area and across England.

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