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Newham Citizens and E16 CLT to work together to build Newham’s first Community Land Trust homes

Newham Citizens and E16 CLT have agreed to work together to develop plans for Newham’s first Community Land Trust (CLT). 

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London’s Olympic Housing Legacy – Time for a new deal on the Olympic Park

To mark the eighth anniversary of London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, The East London Citizens Organisation (TELCO) launched a film that highlights the broken promises around the London’s Olympic housing legacy where we called on policymakers to honour the pledges they made and work with us for a New Deal on the Olympic Park.


Download our exam results guide for young people in Wales

As young people in Wales, we know how hard exam stress can get.

And as a result of the pandemic, it's been a more stressful time for students than ever before.

We've heard our friends and other young people in our community speak about their fears, including fears around predicted grades for students from disadvantaged areas and BAME students.

With nearly 40% of grades being lower than expected upon initial release, and even now with government changing their approach and teachers given grades reinstated, many young people are confused and concerned about what this means for their education or careers.

That's why we have created a resource pack for young people who are stressed about their exam results or uncertain about their future.

This guide is packed with information on different groups and organisations out there to help any young people who need support in Wales.

Download our exam results handbook now


From how to appeal exam results, to mentoring and apprenticeship guidance - this guide is filled with resources to help young people take the next step and be supported. 

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Muslim women: untapped community leaders

Afsana Salik, is a community organiser for Tower Hamlets Citizens and the Women100 programme who deliver community organising training for women in London. Here, she writes about why we need Muslim women at the table and how Women100 is giving opportunities to create change for women in their local communities.

In this blog, I will share with you how broad-based community organising is a radical and more authentic way of identifying and developing the leadership of women in our communities. Here, I will specifically focus on Muslim women and their leadership in the Women100 programme in East London. I will make the argument we should be agitated about how we build the power of Muslim women to take charge, lead and affect decision making on what they think is important, as opposed to just inviting them to be regular cohesion project participants. 

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In conversation with Alison Webster

Alison Webster is a Citizens UK leader based in the newly created Thames Valley chapter. She has spent the past 18 years working for the Church of England Diocese of Oxford – promoting social justice and community engagement. We sat down with her to talk about her experience as a leader, a member of the LGBT+ community, and why she believes community organising can help to change the world for the better.

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What's been happening in Nottingham Citizens - July 2020 update

Nottingham Citizens are still united in the pandemic and tackling injustices in their community. (Leaders from Radford Academy are pictured here pre-Covid.)

Despite the overwhelming challenges of the pandemic, we’ve seen communities up and down the country uniting to take action on the issues that matter to them most.

And this is exactly what our leaders in Nottingham Citizens have been doing.

From campaigning for a real Living Wage for care workers, to taking local action against racism, you can read updates below about the amazing work of our leaders and how you can get involved.

Don’t forget to sign up to our email updates here, so you never miss news in Notts!


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Southend Community Sponsorship Group joins Citizens

This group of volunteers is busy working to resettle a refugee family in their community via the Government’s ‘Community Sponsorship Scheme’.  At the moment, they are busy raising money and establishing a support system for a refugee family. We asked one of their volunteers – Pippa Ullmer – why they joined Citizens.  “Juliet Kilpin, who has been supporting us since we started the group, encouraged some of us to go to the Community Organising training courses that Citizens run” Pippa explained.  “On the courses we learnt about Citizens tools and techniques for community organising, like 1-2-1s, Listening Campaigns and Actions. Now we’re starting to put what we’ve learned into practice by working towards supporting a refugee family through Community Sponsorship.  We’re also really looking forward to working with other local organisations supporting Citizens.”  


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My niqab was ripped off me in the street and the police did nothing about it

One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, fed into our hate crime report about a hate crime where her niqab was ripped off her in the street. She went to the police but was left dissatisfied by their response. Below is powerful testimony from her.

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Co-sign our letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to call for a settled status for everyone who calls the UK home

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has committed his support, as the Mayor of London and PM, to settling the status of people living without documents in our communities.

Lockdown has shown the UK at its best with people stepping up to support each other. No one stopped to check where our neighbours were born when they were dropping off medicine.

And this doesn't have to stop when the pandemic ends. Let's show a kinder, fairer Britain and ensure nobody is left behind. 


Co-sign our letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson now


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Our response to care worker omission in public sector pay rise

In response to the news today (July 21, 2020) that public sector workers would be given a pay rise, we were disappointed to see that care workers were omitted from this. 

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