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National Citizens UK Community Leadership Training

This is a residential 6-day course accredited by Newman University and delivered by Citizens UK.

The course is designed for community leaders from Citizens UK member institutions and enables them to gain a degree-level qualification for attending and participating in Citizens UK's Regional Community Leadership Training, then completing a 50 hour community organising placement in their organisation or neighbourhood over the following year, and attending a Regional Learning Network to report on what they learned from their placement. 

The course is designed to equip people who care about their community and want to take action to make it a better place to become more effective community leaders by learning the theory of community organising and putting it into practice.

There are no essays or exams (or other scary stuff). We ask participants to record the hours spent on placement and their reflections on the training. This take the form of a simple portfolio to acknowledge the skills they have gained, the hours they have worked, and their ability to understand and reflect on community organising.

The costs of the training are largely met by your local Citizens alliance, but there is a £200 registration fee to contribute to operational costs. This entitles you to a Professional Graduate Certificate, support from tutors and access to the library and online resources. This is a 20 credit module that can form part of a full degree course. The placement hours may be considered for professional courses such as social work, youth work etc.

Upcoming 6 day training dates:

  • 21st-26th March 2021, Queens Foundation, Somerset Rd, Birmingham,  B15 2QH
  • 27th June-2nd July 2021 (location TBC)
  • 26th June-1st July 2022 (location TBC)

For more information and details of how to apply for our training, please click here and select the type of training and the relevant date.

We want everybody to be able to get credit for their work, so if you would like to do the course but worry about the financial or other aspects, then please contact jonathan.cox@citizenswales.org.uk.

For any questions about the 6-day training logistics, please contact nadia.taylor@citizensuk.org.

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