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Make misogyny a hate crime in London

Please co-sign the letter from London Citizens to Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

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Dear Commissioner Cressida Dick,

Making misogyny a hate crime in London and across England and Wales.

We are writing to you as community leaders from London’s diverse educational, cultural and religious institutions, as well as national women’s organisations. We call on you to follow the example set by other police forces, such as the Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire police forces, and make misogyny a hate crime recorded by the Metropolitan Police.

Data shows that an overwhelming huge majority of young women (85%) and nearly half (45%) of all women have been sexually harassed in public places.  Yet, only one in ten received help after these incidents.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) are meeting shortly to discuss a national roll out of this policy. We urge you to agree that all police forces in England and Wales should record misogyny as a hate crime, so that we can begin to address the underlying cause of violence against women and girls, which is endemic in our society.

Read our full letter here.

Please add your name to this call and co-sign a letter to Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

Who's signing

Kath Lowe
Julieanne Lovell
Sadie Rees Hales
Debbie Waldon
Fiona McGowan
Anne Cullen
Lauren Gamston
Lina Hamid
Kate Williams
Nikki Storey
Mary Sanderson
Laura Moore
Samantha Lee
Simon Hallion
Frey Kwa Hawking
Rasha Hamid
Ben Gardener
Kathy Cohn
Henok Gebremichael
Arthur Trieu
Denise Baron
Lou Budd
Rebecca Manson Jones
Julia Valentine
Alice Rowell
The Rev'd Vernon Sexton
Kathleen Dolby
Melvyn Lusterio
Caroline Reilly
159 signatures

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  • Kath Lowe
    signed 2020-09-23 10:46:53 +0100
  • Julieanne Lovell
    signed 2019-08-07 06:28:49 +0100
  • Sadie Rees Hales
    signed 2019-06-12 15:18:36 +0100
  • Debbie Waldon
    signed 2019-02-01 19:23:28 +0000
    It’s time to take hatred of women seriously.
  • Fiona McGowan
    signed 2019-01-10 23:46:58 +0000
  • Anne Cullen
    signed 2018-11-02 22:31:06 +0000
  • Lauren Gamston
    signed 2018-10-23 16:10:27 +0100
  • Lina Hamid
    signed 2018-10-16 13:13:03 +0100
  • Kate Williams
    @KateVWilliams tweeted link to this page. 2018-08-27 13:51:46 +0100
    Sign our letter calling on Cressida Dick, chief of the Met Police, to make misogyny a hate crime in London@metpoliceuk http://www.citizensuk.org/misogyny-hate-crime-london?recruiter_id=169900
  • Kate Williams
    signed 2018-08-27 13:51:13 +0100
  • Nikki Storey
    signed 2018-08-17 15:30:17 +0100
  • Mary Sanderson
    signed 2018-08-09 09:20:48 +0100
  • Laura Moore
    signed 2018-07-31 11:23:18 +0100
  • Samantha Lee
    signed 2018-07-28 22:33:40 +0100
  • Simon Hallion
    signed 2018-07-26 09:12:34 +0100
  • Frey Kwa Hawking
    signed 2018-07-23 12:18:13 +0100
  • Rasha Hamid
    signed 2018-07-16 10:41:55 +0100
  • Ben Gardener
    signed 2018-07-16 10:06:13 +0100
  • Kathy Cohn
    signed 2018-07-14 11:11:53 +0100
  • Henok Gebremichael
    signed 2018-07-13 06:10:19 +0100
    Please we should give respect all women accordingly
  • Arthur Trieu
    signed 2018-07-12 22:18:27 +0100
  • Denise Baron
    signed 2018-07-12 13:12:45 +0100
  • Lou Budd
    signed 2018-07-12 11:48:39 +0100
  • Rebecca Manson Jones
    signed 2018-07-12 08:18:00 +0100
  • Julia Valentine
    signed 2018-07-12 07:32:01 +0100
  • Alice Rowell
    signed 2018-07-11 16:26:46 +0100
  • The Rev'd Vernon Sexton
    signed 2018-07-11 15:13:29 +0100
    I agree wholeheartedly with the contents of the letter addressed to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. If we are to have true equality between men and women, then in my respectful opinion, misogyny does need to be recorded by police and should be taken as an aggravating factor by the courts when determining sentence in relation to sexually related harassment and other sexual offences against women. For example, in the case of the act that has become known as ‘up-skirting’ a grossly indecent act and a total violation of a woman’s person, dignity and privacy is occasioned and perpetrated. What later frequently happens to these photos (publication on the internet, sending to other people via email and text), is also grossly indecent and misogynistic. Both show a total disregard for the woman in question as a person, her dignity and her human right to be treated fairly, equally and decently. Society needs to send out a message that it is not going to tolerate such behaviour and recording these behaviours and offences as misogyny, and allowing the courts to take misogyny into account when sentencing, would be an effective contribution towards affording women protection and for society to make it’s view of misogynistic behaviour very clear, in my respectful opinion.
  • Kathleen Dolby
    signed 2018-07-11 10:04:23 +0100
  • Melvyn Lusterio
    signed 2018-07-11 00:32:45 +0100
    This is good for women!
  • Caroline Reilly
    signed 2018-07-10 22:43:42 +0100

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