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Maun Valley

Launched in 2016, Maun Valley Citizens is a growing alliance of community groups – churches, mosques, schools, unions and community associations – working together for a fairer Maun Valley. Using the methods of community organising, we are building a powerful civil society alliance that will work with the other sectors of society for the common good of Maun Valley. We are achieving that goal by training people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to take action together for change.

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Befriending in Mansfield

Over the past four months, people from across the local community in Mansfield have been coming together to create something new for our community, organised by Maun Valley Citizens and as part of Civil Society Futures — and now it’s really turning into something.

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November: MVC November 2017 Newsletter


October: MVC October 2017 Newsletter


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Interested in Joining?

Being a part of Maun Valley Citizens provides more opportunities for your institution than you might think. Here is what comes with membership:

  • Bespoke Community Leadership Training - taught by fully-trained organisers for over 20 years, your institution receives free unlimited places on local two-day training courses, run ~3 times a year, and a Newman University accredited six-day national course.
  • Participation in Neighbourhood, Maun Valley-wide and UK-Wide campaigns - your members are welcome to join our existing strategy teams, which are using a well-practised method to win change on Homelessness, Loneliness, Welcome and Fair Work in Maun Valley.
  • The Time and Support of Professional Citizens UK Community Organisers - working with the interests of each member institution at heart, your members will be able to meet Bradley, our organiser, to develop as leaders and explore opportunities to participate across the alliance.
  • Connections with other Local Institutions with Similar Values - we are a diverse, growing alliance with an especially large contingent of schools, and you will be able to build relationships with these institutions and to work together for the common good.


Contact Bradley, our Organiser, on bradley.myers@citizensuk.org or 07494787254 to find out more or to discuss how much membership might cost. We hope you will find worth in joining our powerful alliance!

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Presenting Our Impact

A Short Presentation On All We Have Achieved

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Three Years of Impact

We are very proud of what we have achieved in three years. Take a look for yourself...