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Befriending in Mansfield

Over the past four months, people from across the local community in Mansfield have been coming together to create something new for our community, organised by Maun Valley Citizens and as part of Civil Society Futures — and now it’s really turning into something.

The vision for a befriending service for local people who find themselves homeless came as a result of a long listening campaign led by Maun Valley Citizens to hear about the experiences of a wide range of people, identify solutions and build teams of leaders committed to putting their ideas into practice.

Find out about this important initiative by watching our 3 minute video on YouTube:

Maun Valley Citizens held a meeting in October to share their vision, at which they secured a commitment by the local authority, Mansfield District Council, to work together.

By building relationships and acting together, leaders in Mansfield are reweaving the fabric of society and working for the common good.

If you are an organisation or individual interested in contributing to this befriending service, please contact tom@tomhemmings.co.uk

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