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Take action this Living Wage Week 2018

Too many families are struggling to keep their heads above water financially, because employers aren't paying them enough to live on.

Wages are too low for many families to survive without stress and overwork. The real Living Wage, calculated at £9.00 in the UK and £10.55 in London is the independently set wage that good employers pay to ensure workers salaries match the cost of Living.

We need to get more employers to go beyond the Government minimum wage and pay the higher real Living Wage. Our top targets right now are the big employers in the community who by doing the real thing and voluntary paying the higher real Living Wage can lift hundreds - or thousands - of staff out of poverty and into a life of dignity.

We need your help to get two particular types of employers: football clubs and Universities paying it. Many are large, wealthy employers who could have a big positive contribution to reduce working poverty in their communities. But shockingly only one in five universities to pay all their staff enough to live on. Meanwhile, despite earning hundreds of millions every year, Wembley, home of English football, doesn't pay a real Living Wage and nor do 16 out of 20 football clubs.

Take action below to help get these employers to do the right thing.

Citizens UK pioneered the campaign for a real Living Wage in 2001 - join the movement now and help us put an end to poverty pay!