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London Citizens Climate Crisis Campaign

London Citizens has launched it’s first-ever campaign on the climate crisis, which is aiming to make a difference to CO2 emissions within communities and city wide, with the goal of ensuring London is carbon neutral, in a deep, meaningful way, by 2030.

To do this, our leaders are asking ordinary citizens to build power, by taking on sustainability commitments within their institutions and within their own lives, and then using these commitments to push their elected representatives to show bold leadership on climate change themselves.

On this page, you will find the different resources you need to get involved with the London climate crisis campaign, and help fight for meaningful change.




Start off by taking our short survey. Every response allows our local climate campaign teams to put greater pressure on local authorities, as well as on the Mayor of London. When you’re done, be sure to share it with others!


Listening campaigns:

Next, you might think about running a local listening campaign. If you are in Waltham Forest, Harrow, Tower Hamlets, or Southwark, there are already active listening-campaign teams in your area which you may want to join. If you are in another borough, you will first need to identify a group of five people who are to form a listening team. Once you have your team, start by planning a house meeting – using our house meeting guide – either within your own institution, or across several institutions in your area. For the house meeting, you will also need our climate actions guide, and our climate climate campaign briefing.

One key goal of the house meetings is to get local institutions to make sustainability pledges, where institutions commit to one or more of the institution-level actions on our action guide. When a local institution is ready to make a sustainability pledge, have them fill out our sustainability pledge form.

To link up with your local listening campaign team, or for support with forming a new one, contact Daniel (daniel.mackintosh@citizensuk.org) or Farhan (farhan.samanani@citizensuk.org).


Other resources:

For households and institutions looking at switching energy suppliers, Hackney Citizens has produced a handy guide that can be used across London and beyond.

We have also produced printable cards for the survey, which can be cut and handed out to help increase participation.