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Why we need you at our Citizens Assembly

Read this blog to find out more about our agenda and ambitions for our upcoming Leicester Citizens Assembly and beyond!

What: Mayoral Accountability Assembly

When: 30th April 6 for 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm

Where: Holy Trinity Church, Upper King Street, Leicester

Why: To build a meaningful ongoing partnership with the next Mayor of Leicester and to ask them to work with us on our first three themes: Housing and Homelessness, Mental Health Access and Provision, Street Safety.

Register here to secure tickets for yourself and members of your institution.

Civil Society needs Re-building

Leicester Citizens has begun to build a broad based alliance of civic institutions in the city. We want to come together to reweave civil society and have the power to make meaningful changes for the common good. In the last six months we have held over 1,500 conversations with our people and worked hard on a democratic agenda for change.

Democracy doesn’t end on Polling Day

On 2nd May Leicester City goes to the polls to elect our new Mayor. We all know that democracy shouldn’t end on election day; it’s then that the real work begins. We want the next mayor of Leicester to work with civil society to improve access to social housing, provision for street homeless people, access to mental health across the whole city, and to work towards a city where no one needs to feel afraid of violence in our streets. On 30th April we are inviting the candidates from the two parties have demonstrated electoral power by winning council seats and turning out voters in the largest numbers. Leicester Citizens DOES NOT endorse any of the SEVEN candidates for mayor and encourage you to find out about each candidate before voting. A full list of council and mayoral candidates can be found here.

You get the justice you have the power to compel.

Because we know you want everyone to have an affordable home, to feel safe on our streets, and to have access to the mental health tools to thrive (details of Asks below) then we would like you to stand up and be counted. We can let those who serve us in elected office know: this matters. So we can say loudly and clearly. Join us on 30th April 6 for 6:30 pm at Holy Trinity Church, Leicester and let’s create the world as it should be, together! 

We have reserved seats for each of our member institutions but it is up to you to fill those seats. Please speak to your leaders about attending this event or register on our Eventbrite page. We also have a limited number tickets for non-members / guests available.

Finally: Our Agenda for Change!  

On 30th April 2019, days before local elections (2nd May) we will ask Baroness Verma (CON) and Sir Soulsby (LAB) candidates for mayor, the following.

“If elected:

Homelessness and Housing

Will you co-chair the Housing Summit and invite three major house building firms to take a full and active part in the event and work with us to keep them accountable for building social housing?

Will you: Personally join us on a visit to a better social housing allocation system in Fulham and bring senior people from your housing team?                                             

Will you: meet with a delegation from Leicester Citizens with two weeks of the visit having happened to discuss replacing our current social housing bidding system with a better one?

Will you: Put aside £30,000 per year for the next three years to help a permanent Night Shelter for street homeless people?

Mental Health

Will you work with us to develop preventive early intervention in all schools and to create Beacon Wellbeing Schools in order to reduce the CAHMS waiting list and make mental health recovery service more accessible at an early stage to more communities?

Will you assign a member of your team to meet with us in September to review next steps?

Will you send out a strong signal to other organisations in Leicester by signing Leicester City Council up as a Mindful Employer and encourage schools and businesses to sign up too?                                                                                                                               
Street Safety

Will you provide the budget to create a series of short films for Social Media about safety and knife crime: by young people for young people about young people?

Will you provide funding for training young people and businesses  to create 20+ City Safety Havens in the city centre so that people at feeling unsafe have places to go and feel safe and report violence?


Will you meet with Leicester Citizens within your first six months and regularly throughout your term of office on these and other issues that we bring forward?”

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