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Brighton and Hove Alliance Update June 2019

Our alliance members have been busy working together to build community leaders, further our campaigns on local issues and connect with other groups in our city. Our highlights for the month of June are our meetings with the Greens and Conservatives, planning a deputation to Council's 54 Councillors and progress for our campaign to reinstate accessible toilets in Hove Cemetery.

Meetings with Brighton and Hove City Council – Leaders from our membership organisations have this month met with Phelim Mac Cafferty of the Greens and Steve Bell and Mary Mears of the Conservatives from Brighton City Council. We discussed and received support to further our campaigning priorities on housing, homelessness, mental health and reinstating an accessible toilet in Hove Cemetery, and to work with the party leads on each issue. We have also received commitment from and look forward to meeting with the Labour Party.

Mental Health Action Team deputation to Council on 25th July – the Mental Health Action Team are planning their deputation to the full Council meeting on the 25th of July. This will see our community youth leaders give a speech to the City’s 54 Councillors about our priority to create a youth-centered pledge that sets a standard for what young people can expect when engaging with mental health services in our city. We look forward to working with Council and relevant mental health services and community groups to create this pledge lead by the youth of our city.

Reinstating Accessible Toilets in Hove Cemetery – the campaign has now cross-party council support to reinstate an accessible toilet in Hove Cemetery and has raised £5000 from the Bloom Foundation to fund a renovation and reinstatement. Cllr Anne Pissaridou, the Chair of  Environment Transport and Sustainability committee, is working closely with our community leaders to organise a visit to the cemetery for Councillors and decision-makers. Amazing work lead by our Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue.

To keep up with our work check us out @Citizensbh on twitter. If you are interested in the work of the alliance, have questions about community organising or would like your community organisation to join, please contact our Community Organiser at frida.gustafsson@citizensuk.org.

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