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Joining Citizens UK as an Institution

Citizens UK is made up of hundreds of churches, schools, mosques, unions & other civil society organisations working together for the common good. Each of these member groups pays annual dues to be in membership.

Here's how your organisation can join.

  1. Watch this video to see whether this is the sort of alliance your organisation would want to join:

  2. Contact us, including the location of the organisation itself.
  3. A local Citizens organiser will be in touch to tell you what is going on in your area, and will offer to meet with you to discuss further (if there is no Citizens alliance in your area, you could help start one).

  4. If you are still interested in your organisation joining, you can invite the organiser to speak at your group, and you can attend Citizens actions, assemblies or training, and meet others who are involved. When your organisation is ready, you can apply to join your local Citizens alliance.

  5. When you join, the leadership of your organisation will be asked to sign a Letter of Understanding that outlines the mutual responsibilities of Citizens UK and its members, and to pay membership dues annually to preserve the alliance's independence and accountability to members.    


If you can't join as an institution, why not set up a regular donation, and help us build up funds to expand community organising to more towns and cities across the UK, or get involved online.

Contact us about joining.