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Help find 5,000 homes for Syrian refugees

Citizens UK has today launched its 'Home for Resettled Refugees Register' - and we need your support to sign up 5,000 landlords who would be willing to rent their property to resettled Syrian refugees.

We have been working on this campaign for a year, but this week we have reached a tipping point, and the Prime Minister is considering an increase in the number of Syrian refugees resettled by the UK.

Quite simply, the more properties pledged on our Register, the more local councils will sign up to participate in the Syrian resettlement programme, the higher the number of Syrians the UK government will consider resettling.

Citizens UK is calling on the government to commit to resettle 10,000 refugees a year for the next two years.

Help us hit that target by adding your rental property to the 'Homes for Resettled Refugees Register'.   

If you don't have any property spare, organise local letting agents and landlords to assist.


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  • Bela Mari
    commented 2016-05-23 13:07:33 +0100
    No more migrants. So many pledged properties deprive the host communities of housing which is already in acute shortage. One must think of the economic and social implications. It would be more sensible to concentrate injecting aid into the middle east region to develop available land areas there. No more refugees. It is unfair on our own needy people who absolutely come first.
  • ozma kauser
    commented 2016-05-18 11:48:30 +0100
    Hi, i am ozma kauser, 26 years old, i was interested in adopting a syrian orphan either baby boy or a baby girl, can you please kindly give me some information and guide me in how to do this please. Thankyou
  • Sara Ahmed
    commented 2016-05-07 16:06:23 +0100
    Salaam, I would love to adopt a baby boy or girl, sadly I haven’t had any children but can provide a loving stable environment with my extended families full support, can anyone tell me how to do this?
  • Sonia Arzoo
    commented 2016-04-09 19:44:08 +0100
    Hello, We are muslim family, I have got one daughter and we want to adopt a Syrian refugee child. Could someone help us pls.
  • Nasar Ahmed Noor
    commented 2016-02-09 01:21:38 +0000
    hi my name is nasar, i m a pakistani muslim setteled in uk, i want to adopt a syrian orphan, can anybody guide me whats the process??
  • sana shah
    commented 2016-01-28 20:53:27 +0000
    We are a Muslim family of 5.We would like to adopt a Syrian refugee child could someone please be kind enough to give us info on the process etc.Thanks.
  • aamna ali
    commented 2016-01-15 14:51:36 +0000
    we are British Muslims willing to adopt a Syrian child(boy or girl). Any one please guide me where to go or who to contact.
    thank you.
  • Vaad Sh
    commented 2016-01-05 20:07:49 +0000
    Asalaam Zara Yasmin
    Thanks for your email.
    Yes of course I want to adopt but can you give me some information please thanks
  • Zara Yasmin
    commented 2016-01-05 14:02:15 +0000
    We are Muslim British and a family of 3 and would like to adopt potentially 1 or 2 Syrian orphan children.
  • Vaad Sh
    commented 2015-12-15 12:38:48 +0000
    I’m from London originally from arab countries my first language is Arabic. I want to adopt baby girl from syria refugees.can you please someone help me what can I do?can you please give me some information about it.
  • Arief Valva
    commented 2015-10-04 09:45:40 +0100
    Lakshmi : thanks for your response
  • Lakshmi Pillai
    commented 2015-10-04 09:28:06 +0100
    Arief: You will need to go through the national adoption agency in Indonesia.
  • Arief Valva
    commented 2015-10-03 15:41:44 +0100
    i am from indonesia and i want to adopt an orphan baby girl of syrian refugees. there someone can give me information. i am not a rich person but i have a hard willing to adopt an orphan baby girl from syrian.
  • Lakshmi Pillai
    commented 2015-09-30 11:39:24 +0100
    You’re welcome Mr Bello!
  • Salah Bello
    commented 2015-09-30 08:44:22 +0100
    well said Lakshmi.. thank you
  • Lakshmi Pillai
    commented 2015-09-28 14:28:25 +0100
    Bill: You should be asking the government that, not refugees who are fleeing a war created by your British ‘veterans’!
  • Bill Murray
    commented 2015-09-26 16:28:21 +0100
    There are over 10,000 British veterans living on the streets of Britain WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR THEM???
  • Salah Bello
    commented 2015-09-23 19:56:50 +0100
    I am a syrian who is well educated in British and American schools and universities and am an English teacher myself. I fled the war in Syria with my wife and 2 kids (5 and 7) to turkey and then smuggled myself into cyprus were I am living now. my problem is that the syrian government or syrian embassy will not issue me a passport nor will the cyprus government were i grew up for 17 years a travel document to go and see my family who are stuck in turkey. I finally borrowed and worked for 2 years to save up $10000 and send them to be able to make the journey to europe but we’re shipwrecked just off the coast of turkey and luckily a local fishing boat called the Turkish coast guard and were saved but all the money is gone now and I am left to start from scratch again.

    I have a British accent and my sister who has Maltese who has been living in london for a good 10 years now and all I ask is that can someone help me or my family to get into the UK. we do not need any money from the government as both me and my wife are highly educated and not to mention that my sister and her British graduate husband (civil engineer) are there and willing to support as well.

    my email is: s.bello@mail.com and my number is 00357 97654022

    Thank you for reading and understanding our situation.
  • Roxanne Jefferies
    commented 2015-09-18 01:04:06 +0100
    I would love to help and have been trying to find a way to do this for days.
  • Rob Jones
    commented 2015-09-15 13:35:20 +0100
    No more Migrants in this overcrowded country.Our limited aid budget is best spent in northern syria.Delivering aid in Europe costs 12 times the amount of aid delivered in a safe UN enclave in Northern syria.ensure that aid is delivered correctly for all so the vulnerable don’t die at the expense of the few.
  • Rob Jones
    commented 2015-09-15 13:33:47 +0100
    No more Migrants in this overcrowded country.Our limited aid budget is best spent in northern syria.Delivering aid in Europe costs 12 times the amount of aid delivered in a safe UN enclave in Northern syria.
  • Susan Hrynkow
    commented 2015-09-13 22:41:15 +0100
    So am a retired teacher and would like to offer a double room to refugees in my home. I live with my grown up children aged 20, 22 and my 88 year old mother who has a small chalet in the garden. My 24 year old son and his girlfriend return regularly from university. I would be honoured to host refugees in our home.
  • Bettina Thorpe
    commented 2015-09-11 13:46:41 +0100
    I would be able to offer a home to a refugee child. We have a small spare bedroom, large garden and live in a small quiet village. I am a former teacher of children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Any help to register to help a child in these circumstances would be appreciated.
  • Sheila Humphries
    commented 2015-09-11 09:48:28 +0100
    In response to those who are getting there wires crossed.
    I am a foster carer and do not have a placement at this time. I am trying to highlight the issues of the children arriving in this country who are stuck in camps alone or mothers/fathers with children who have had there lives devastated and lost each other. I am offering a placement to those who may have lost one or more of ther family/parent and asking to lose the red tape and offer a resolution to getting people into homes who are offering help now. There is a national shortage of foster carers across the country now. I do not want to get involved in discussions regarding discrimination and only take refuges!!!!. I have highlighted with our local MP and through local media people who are willing in the wales area to give accomodation and support but have the awareness that lone children need protection and foster carers already have the training and safety checks in place. In the meantime there has also been a response (with we adresses) of how to register to foster care which can take up to 7 months to over a year. We need to help now and in the future. So good luck to those who are thinking of fostering. But dont foget those now, who will take a family into there own home. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT FOSTERING A LONE CHILD HERE. Sheila
  • Stephanie Cussens
    commented 2015-09-10 02:07:49 +0100
    Raffaella Ravaioli. Contact NACCOM.Org.UK if you want to provide shelter for an adult asylum seeker. Best Wishes, Mufolo
  • He Bu
    commented 2015-09-09 20:13:34 +0100
    If you are not interested in adopting or fostering a child that needs help unless he/she is a refugee, I don’t know of any reputable organisation that discriminates like that. The Red Cross will help anyone, regardless of colour, creed or anything else, so maybe you could contact them and ask if they are able to meet your specific criteria, as they are already helping people all over the world. Here is the link http://www.redcross.org.uk/
  • Raffaella Ravaioli
    commented 2015-09-09 17:12:50 +0100
    To HE BU
    I am Raffaella again.
    Thank you for your info but here we r not talking to adopt a child o foster a child only we are talking to offer a room in our house to a refugees in exchange of nothing and helping them in all they need
    here they are lots of people willing to help that they have no information where to apply
  • He Bu
    commented 2015-09-09 14:05:51 +0100
    For those who have suddenly decided they are able to foster, but know nothing about it because they have never considered it before – please check these websites. There are thousands of children in need of care.

    And for those who have decided they are now able to adopt a child, but know nothing about it, please check these websites
  • Danielle Simpson
    commented 2015-09-09 12:36:59 +0100
    How do I go about applying to foster I have a large spare room that siblings could share
  • Raffaella Ravaioli
    commented 2015-09-08 23:10:37 +0100
    I am Raffaella from London I will be happy to host and look after a refugee child. I can offer the love of my family and a spare bedroom for long as need.
    I know the all have different stories and it will not easy but i know it can be done if we all help.
    I have already signed the petition could u please someone tell me if we can put our name down to be really considered?
    Thanks for reading and share

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